Who She Is

Her Story.

My human is Olivia. For the past few years I have watched her fill up my room with all of these things. Most of them, fortunately, I can lay on and spread my hair on, but most are too pointy and uncomfortable. I often see my human take these things and put them on her body, which confused me at first, but then it started to make sense. She was dressing up for me.. It was so clear and made me feel better than I already did about myself. Which was saying a lot. I’d like to think that I am her inspiration, as she is always following me and bothering me to come be with her. So what I am trying to say, is I KNOW I am her inspiration, and I hope to go all over the world, or at least outside, with many more things to lay on. I expect nothing less from my human, considering I am the cause for all of her soon to be success. In reality, I’m not sure how much I care about the new things SHE will get, but definitely the new things I will get. We are best friends and will stick together till the end, no matter what… Unless of course endless sun beams and tuna are in between, I cannot guarantee my reaction to that. If you are wondering about my photographs, I have been a model my whole life, and have been working with a very elite agency for years. As I have entered old age, my contract hasn’t even wavered, what can I say.. I haven’t aged a bit. I am not meaning to sound haughty, but I am the true reason my human is trendy. Every day I see her tack up a photo of my face, and duplicate the exact lines framing my eyes. “The Cat Eye” is what she often calls it, but I am in the process of getting rights for “The Mini Eye” ™
Needless to say, I am the cause for my human staring at this metal rectangle with bright lights all day, playing with the infuriating mouse I cannot catch.  I am mini, A.K.A. potato cat, and you should be thanking me.
For any requests on collaborations directly contact Olivia (my human). Now if you will excuse me, more boxes with things just arrived without my hair on them.