Who I Am

It’s Me.

I’m Olivia, lover of cats, winged eyeliner, shoes, and all things Taylor Swift. I have absolutely no shame in saying that Broadway musicals are my true passion, and the amount of times I’ve pretended to be in High School Musical, have far outweighed the times being in reality. I was home schooled my entire life, (careful with the judgmental comments) until attending college. There I studied political science, all things hipster. and learned to embrace flannels, nose rings, and the art of coffee. Once I returned home, things changed quite rapidly, and my taste in a plethora of items shifted over to the more feminine side of things. I always loved clothing growing up, and different ways to do my makeup and hair, but definitely not to the caliber it came to a couple years ago. 
I started to really dive into the fashion world, and slowly discover what kind of “Street style” I had/wanted. I grew to love the street fashion of Emma Stone, and in one fatal swoop, got rid of almost everything in my closet. Though this was may not be the smartest way of doing things, I basically took a U-Turn in the way I presented myself, and started to truly find out how I thrived in the fashion world. Interestingly enough, I live in a town with absolutely no shopping options .and because of this, I have created nearly my entire closet specifically through online shopping. The clothes needed me, and I needed them. It was a bond that no one could explain.

One of the reasons I was so drawn to the fashion industry, was the sense of individuality it gave everyone. Fashion was always changing, growing, and instilling confidence in people for generations. Every day that I wake up, I cannot wait to find that perfect outfit that will depict exactly what I am feeling in that moment. Whether it be from a dress and heels, or jeans and a leather jacket. Fashion was fun, and changed with me. I saw a beautiful side to fashion, and a damaging side, and I had to stay grounded (and still do) in what I knew the truth was.
 Through many different circumstances, I grew an extreme passion for women, and the struggles that we go through. Along with fashion, and social media, there is that looming sense of self worth that consumes so many of us. The way women express themselves, and the things they choose to partake in affect them more than they will know. Most decisions are simply to feel the worth they so strongly desire, and unfortunately many of us are not raised with knowing how precious we are, and how much worth we actually possess. 
I believe women so often get tricked into thinking that if they portray themselves in a particular way it will make them beautiful, desired, or even become successful. When in reality, it is the total opposite. We need to adorn ourselves in femininity, classiness, and beauty, and know that being who we are is what is of worth. It is not in our bodies, the length of hair we have, or how clear our complexion is. Our beauty is found in the eye of the Beholder, and in the knowledge of the One who created us in His own image.

From the time I was 18, I started noticing silver hairs appear on my head. Over the past couple of years, it has become more and more noticeable. Eventually it got to the point where It started to become part of my identity. That is why I chose to brand myself with the title of “Silver Lining”. Though these hairs could be considered “flaws” in this day and age, I have learned to embrace them. It hasn’t been easy, and I know I could easily dye them, but a part of me recognizes them as a badge of honor. Through many different hardships in the past 5 years of my life, I have learned that every flaw, every heartbreak, and every single obstacle I tackle, good always comes from it. If by keeping my grey hairs can remind me that everything will always work together for the good, how could I possibly consider them a flaw. To me they are a silver lining (quite literally) for my past struggles, and my future successes. 

So, I am here to tell all of you that you are perfect just the way you are, and no matter what passion you may have, let your beauty shine through it. You are precious, and you hold more worth than you will ever know.