5 places to go in Seattle

 Looking for the perfect places to go in Seattle? I am sharing all the best places in fashion, food, and insta-worthy spots that you have to check out in Seattle!  As a fashion blogger, I often visit new places and think, “where do I go to take pictures?” because that’s obviously the only reason we travel places. Right? Well what are the top places to go to in Seattle? I’ve been twice now, so I’m clearly an expert. I did however, find the BEST places to drink coffee, shop, and take pictures. Which in my expert opinion are the only reasons to go literally anywhere. So below I have rounded out the most aesthetically pleasing, charismatic, and overall cutest places in Seattle. Take a look! at my top places to go in Seattle.

Places to go in Seattle: Pike’s Place

I’ll start with the most iconic place in Seattle. Pike’s Place! Yes, very touristy but lives up to every expectation. The flowers are beautiful, the food is amazing, there is amazing spots to take pics at every corner, AND the smell of fish is as least fresh as opposed to old smelling. **Silver Lining, right guys?**

I knew I wanted to get a bunch of flowers and get a fun picture in front of the very popular sign, so I shelled out WAY too much money for a very small amount of flowers and got the shot. Worth it though? Amiright?

Places to go in Seattle: Pier 57

The one thing about Seattle that can difficult is the weather. For me, I LOVE rain and clouds but for many of you there, it can be a bit dreary. So take that into consideration when you embark on your adventure. Light layers people! Also a hat if you need to have your hair cooperating for pictures, I was so thankful for my Brixton fisherman’s hat that didn’t really leave my side the whole trip. Fortunately the second time I visited this amazing place, it was sunny and in the 70’s the whole time! Literally dream weather. That’s when we visited pier 57 and walked around the city more, just exploring and enjoying our time.

Pier 57 was SO fun! We got to take some photos in front of the ferris wheel, both decided $40 was way too much to spend on riding the ferris wheel, and got to see this guy ^^, he def was flirting with the camera. 

Though these activities were more populated with tourists, they really did make for the best backdrop for the photos. It’s always fun to see what makes a city come alive and be visited! That day i really did take my own advice and wore a lot of light layers. Sandals because it was sunny but made sure to pack this trench coat from Anthropologie, which was light and breezy! These plaid trousers from Topshop were so versatile and comfortable for all of the walking too. Not to mention my BWT (basic white tee), which every girl needs.

Places to go in Seattle: Storyville Coffee

K, next stop is my favorite stop. Every morning, every day, every time I get a headache. COFFEE, and seriously? What better place to go discover new coffee shops than Seattle? I’m rounding up my top two favorite spots, that you have to go to when you visit. No questions asked! Number 1, Storyville Coffee. Not only do they have some of the best coffee in the area, the most aesthetically pleasing coffee shop vibes, and the most picture perfect shop, they have a story! Every time you buy a cup of coffee you are using your money to donate to causes that help stop human trafficking. This horrible trade is near and dear to my heart, and I love that there are amazing places out there that donate their time and effort to raise awareness. So if even if you aren’t in the mood for coffee, head there to help others in need! Especially if you are Pike’s place, because one of their locations is right in the market!

My lipstick never met a cup of coffee it didn’t like. 

Places to go in Seattle: La Marzocco

Okay, next stop. My forever favorite coffee shop. Everything about it was amazing! La Marzocco right next to the Key Arena. Which we discovered after seeing Imagine Dragons there! 

See, a long time ago I listened to the acoustic version of Florence and the Machine’s song “Cosmic Love”. This set was live from KEXP radio, which so happens to be IN La Marzocco. I about freaked out when I found this out, because I then found out how many amazing bands play there all the time. They also have a live broadcast going the whole time and a place to sprawl out and work on whatever you want. Podcasts, blogging, photos, etc. The good coffee comes with the package and chalks up the whole experience to a 10 out of 10. I will go back to that shop every time I’m in Seattle! You should too.

Places to go in Seattle: Shopping

Okay, last but not least. SHOPPING. I was fortunate enough to go to Zara in downtown Seattle at the Westlake Center and it was such a beautiful store. We don’t have any Zara locations in Oregon so it’s always such a treat to go and have real shopping! Of course it was right across the street from Chanel (said with glitz in my eyes) and all things beautiful. So really, you have everything you need right there! I didn’t get any photos in the actual store but we we were fortunate enough to head to the top of a parking garage and get the coolest pictures of the city. Again, I from a small town in Oregon so anything City-like is so fun! 

Okay everyone! There you have it. All of the places you HAVE to go if you are going to Seattle. You have all of your necessities there, so make sure you go and let me know how you like it! Please tag me in any post you have of these places, I’d love to hear about your experience too. Also, if you are driving, head down to Bellevue, it’s one of the most beautiful places in the PNW. 

Below I’ve linked all my outfits from above, a majority of them are on sale! So stock up for your next adventure. I made sure to link everything under $100 so you can score some deals.