Welcoming Spring

I’d like to think we are still welcoming spring, but I suppose I’ve missed the mark on that front. I am so excited to be writing this blog post on my NEW website that I’ve been working on for months now. It’s been such a long process but so rewarding at the same time. Though this has taken for-ev-ver (said like the kid from The Sand Lot) and now it is officially summer, I suppose this topic will still work.

One of the reasons I love spring so much is that it feels like there is so much life all around. The flowers wake up, yawn a little bit, wipe the sleepies out of their eyes. The trees stretch their arms above their heads welcoming all the new bunnies, and the caterpillars grow their little wings. TBH though, that could also be a Disney movie I just watched, but whatever, it’s a good visual.

There is something so beautiful about the beginning of things. No questions, no longing, just the need to succeed and work hard. Whether it be the start of a new year, the start of you going from brunette to blonde, or maybe the start of a new website (shrugging arms and winking face emoji). After I quit my full time job, I ventured into the complete unknown. Many people thought I was making enough from my blog or videography as my other job, but that wasn’t the case. For lack of a better example, I truly crawled into my little cocoon and hoped (still am hoping) I come out the other end a butterfly. Because sometimes it’s really hard to tell. 

Do you ever wish you could just start from the beginning? Go back to the new life we once had and discover and create all the things we wish we would had done? It’s so easy to get run down in the life we have now. It may be mundane or the same routine every day, but in all reality, we can create our new life whenever we want. Right now. We can sit down and begin welcoming spring in our own lives.

Just like the blossoms on the tree, it doesn’t have to be immediate or all at once, it can be gradual. We can make our lives better day by day so when we look back at what was once dead and dry, all we see is blossoms. We see the possibility of what could be, not what could never be. We could say goodbye to the past, and say hello to a whole new life. Every day.

Reader: “You really get a lot out of cherry blossoms”

Me: “Why yes, yes I do.”

I am so happy to be here on this new platform and create what is is hopefully just one new blossom on my tree. I hope that my growth never stops and I always can welcome new life in. 

What do you want to welcome into your new life? 

Let me know below,

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