I’ve always loved to travel, always have, always will. If I could live in hotel room sipping on cool coffee shop coffee every day. I definitely would be happy. 

A few years ago I went to Germany to visit my best friend, and it was the first time I had traveled abroad alone. I hopped out the car and grabbed my bags, in a rush (like usual) and as soon as I grabbed my bag, the strap broke.

It broke. Right there. Like a horror film.

I hadn’t even walked into the airport in my hometown, and the fricken strap broke. I had to travel all the way to Germany with a carry on that had no strap. I basically had to swaddle it like a baby the whole time and had some serious back muscles going on by the time I got there. After that dreadful experience I vowed to myself that I would someday get a set of luggage that was reliable, had strong straps (ha) and most importantly, pretty.

They had to be pretty.

IMG_7502IMG_7382IMG_7372IMG_7335Not only did Jon Hart design nail it on aesthetic, I was also able to stack them within each other and have the ability to carry my bags with ease and look totally fabulous doing it. Who doesn’t want that? I felt like Sharpay Evans, even she would feel great carrying these.

If it’s good enough for her. It’s good enough for me. 

IMG_7260IMG_7513IMG_7419IMG_7270I have this thing with purses and bags, I mean who doesn’t? I have always found it was so embarrassing to go traveling and literally want to hide my face picking up my luggage from baggage claim or have to walk down the crowded plane with a dumb strapless bag. (stupid bag).

Not only am I proud  to carry these pink beauties, I WANT people to know they are mine.

like “yes,

I am SSL.” 

“Why do you ask? Oh, is it because of these bags that are so cute? Ya I know.”

Or something like that.

IMG_7451IMG_7414IMG_7397IMG_7381IMG_7352IMG_7365These handcrafted designs and bags made with so much love, makes it very difficult to not love them. 

Though I haven’t gravitated toward bright colors in the past, and couldn’t really picture myself buying luggage that was all pink, I was surprised when I saw them in person and really loved the hue, and recognized that it totally wasn’t overwhelming. Which was so nice! Easily found in a stack of bags, and classy. I am all set. 

IMG_7445IMG_7410IMG_7305IMG_7533TBH I was getting some SERIOUS wanderlust being in this airport and holding these bags because all I wanted to do was continually go somewhere exciting and bring these bags with me. I can’t wait to travel everywhere with these babes and go for an adventure. In fact, I’ll probably just start bringing them with me in every day life JUST in case of an adventure emergency.

I do think I will go somewhere with many pink buildings and flowers because then I will fit in just perfectly.

Now if you will excuse me, I hear my flight is boarding, so I better go.

Get your own personalized bags in all different colors by following this link!

Click me for cute luggage!

Never forget, every story has a Silver Lining.



*This post was gladly sponsored by Jon Hart Design.*



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