I Resolute to not Resolute

First of all, whenever I say the word “Resolute” I feel like I’m in National Treasure. I mean I know there is this whole thing with Nicholas Cage and how he is horrible, but a thrilling movie about stealing the Declaration of Independence? Come’on. So good.

Anyway. As 2018 is officially here and we can put hang our red and sequin dresses (not all of them though) back up, and give them a rest until next year, we sit back and make those “ever” needed resolutions.

We solemnly swear (that we are up to no good) that we will be in the gym every day of the next year. That we WILL get up at 5 a.m. every morning and drink green juice, and that our bank accounts will finally not be crying. We hope, wish, and dream that this year, opposed to all the rest, will be great. It will be different and we WILL get those super powers we have been needing.

Well let me tell you. 2018 is just another year, just another month, and just another day. We all will be eating that giant loaf of bread on February 1st watching Netflix, and wish that we aren’t going to pay our gym membership for the next year straight promising ourself we WILL go next month.

(^^ All spoken from experience)

As this new year dawned and I saw the clock click from minute to minute, I sat on my bed watching Gilmore Girls with my cat close to my side, and sat in my negativity and stewed with every minute that ticked by. I, of course, decided to not go anywhere this year because I could just picture every single person making sure that everyone knew what their New Year resolutions were and how things this year were going to be GREAT and everything would be different. 

Did I believe in these people? Yes. Did I believe that this year would be the most magical ever? Not really.

Did I believe in myself? No. And I think that was the problem.

I looked into the past and saw the many promises and resolutions I made to myself and to my business last year and knew that 2017 was going to be just amazing. Well it wasn’t, I didn’t have fun, and looking at those past resolutions made me…



And downright annoyed. I was annoyed at life, annoyed at myself, and annoyed at every champagne popping, time square attending, sparkler lighting person out there.

2018 was just another year, and I promised myself I would recognize it as that. Because if so, I wouldn’t get disappointed. No expectation, no disappointment. 


Depressing right?

“What’s wrong with this girl?” you may ask. What’s wrong is that I am craving something beautiful. A beautiful future, a beautiful life, and to somehow do everything I want to do. Of course I hope that all these things will happen within this year, but let me tell you. A resolution is not going to change that.

Why would I make a resolution to change something or work towards something that I can work toward right now. Why would I sit around and make these promises for a brighter future, when I can start creating that brighter future right now.

So this year I will resolute, to not resolute.

What will I do instead? 

I will start working harder than I ever have. Make the appropriate changes in my life that open the door for positivity, not to share it with the world, but to make promises to myself.

I will not get disappointed when things don’t go exactly as planned, but take those downfalls and learn from them.

So if 2017 didn’t go exactly as planned for you, and you want to make 2018 better than ever. Don’t look at this year as something “win” look at your life as something to conquer

Work hard, love others, and know that you will have disappointments and hardships this year. Your business may not take off like planned, but it will one day. Hold on to that. Hold on to the knowledge of success, and achievement, and if you don’t have those things right now, that’s okay.

They will come.