I am sitting in a coffee shop listening to some sappy song from Roo Panes, and as the soft banjo is playing, it is taking me away on a folk dream. I gaze outside the window (cheesy as can be) and I look out to the sky. I see a formation of birds flying in the distance past the mountain I call home. As I am listening to this song I am caught up in the meaning of it all. 

We all say we want to be as free as the birds. Maybe some day we can fall out of the nest, find our wings, and fly to wherever we want. One day we will quit that job, stand up to that person, grow out our bangs… Whatever it may be. We sit back and dream, wish, and wonder what it’d be like to forget about everything in the present and fly somewhere else. Somewhere unknown.

While I am sitting here I come to the realization that that’s exactly what I DON’T want.

Birds are just birds. They wake up, eat, and follow the other birds to fly where they need to go as the seasons change. 

Birds are just birds. They do what they are suppose to do, and fly to where they need to go.

 I don’t want follow what everyone else is doing, I don’t want to fly where I need to go.

 I want to fly where I want to go, and live my life away from all the others.

I want to learn how to fly by working hard and by building my wings little by little, with every character building steps.

One day I hope I can be as free as the life that I have worked towards.

Oh to be as free as life, whatever that may be and whenever that may come. 

Don’t be jealous of the birds, they will be where they are suppose to be, with everyone else.


Posted by:Signed Silver Lining

One thought on “Entry #1 Don’t be like the birds.

  1. Yes. Love this. It’s so true that we long to be free like the birds, or like this person and that person. That serves us no purpose other than to distract us from making our own goals and working towards them. I know that you are doing that! I hope you achieve your goals and dreams.


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