A depressing time of year

We all can hear it in our head, that glorious song that won’t stop playing no matter what store we go into. We can hear Bing Crosby’s voice singing, convincing, us that the Christmas and the holidays are the most wonderful time of year.  I mean how could we forget it with the many Hallmark movies that show you that Christmas WILL be saved and will be jolly, no matter the cost.

With the sales upon sales, and the deals ON deals that are making us understand that Christmas is about the gifts and nothing else.

After we watch the Christmas movies that consist of the Whos singing at the top of their lungs for the ultimate cheer, and then the Grinch truly realizing that Christmas is about family, and love. 

But what if life isn’t really like that?

What if the holidays consist of heartache and reminds us of more sad things than happy. What then?

As a blogger I feel like I should be sporting my best sweaters, have multiple shiny dresses for everysingle, occasion and make sure EVERYONE knows I have the perfect fire place and all things fur rugs this holiday season.

But what if there was no tree, no stockings, not enough money to go around, and the only thing I could concentrate on is getting up every morning to work at my coffee shop to survive the hustle and bustle of the super “cheery” holiday crowds.

Though this may sound depressing, sad, and all things negative… I have a feeling I’m not the only one that feels this way about the Holidays. Sometimes life sucks, and don’t be too surprised, but I don’t have much together in my life even though I am a blogger.

Coming from a home where all of my family doesn’t live together, the holidays can be tough. Not only that, but when it comes to feeling pressure with money and buying gifts and the money just isn’t there, it can be more than hard. It can be completely depressing

I don’t understand when and why Christmas became more than what it actually is now a days, but it is. We all buy into it too. 


I know the meaning of Christmas is so much more than what we all think it is, but how did we get away from this idea that everything and everyone has to be perfect. That all the gifts and events have to go perfectly, and no matter what there will be endless joy

But ugh guys, it’s just not like that. Especially this year. This year was hard and I’m really sitting here analyzing why. 

Though I could sit here and talk all about the holidays being about family, love, Jesus (which I whole heartedly believe), but what I’m really trying to get to, it that sometimes not everything has to be good.

Life goes through seasons. Right now I’m not really enjoying this season, and there isn’t anything wrong with that. There is nothing wrong with you being sad, or upset during the holidays because maybe your life isn’t great right now. 

The key to all of these emotions that I have constantly need to remind myself of, is to not let these emotions and events define you. We have to make sure to take these emotions and learn from them, grow from them, and ensure we learn to see the light in.

So though I had a hard year, and not amazing holidays, that doesn’t need to define my year or who I am as a person or as a blogger even. I will choose these events to know that life will get better and one day I will just maybe I will have a fire place with a giant fur rug to shoot on. But who knows.

Never forget, every story has a Silver Lining.