How to use the T3 Micro Curling Iron

Curly/ wavy hair is kinda my thing, I usually don’t go a day without it. Mostly because if I have straight hair it makes my face look fat. I mean, what are you gonna do? *wishes I could grow a narrow face and continues to do facial exercises for my fat chin*

Last year for my birthday I was BEGGING Arturo for the T3 micro interchangeable wand **said with glitz and glam in my eyes**  I couldn’t wait to afford it myself and wanted to ring in my 24th year with this perfect curling iron.

There was a point in my hair’s life about 2 years ago where almost 6 inches of the bottom completely ripped out (not even joking). I think I was going through a time of extreme stress and no sleep (still am) and after my hair started going Grey it also started to die like crazy.

I was very happy it didn’t start falling out like I know many girls struggle with, but honestly going through that was SO hard. So many tears because of the amount of years I took growing my hair out and it was gone just like that.

Whether it be from a faulty curling iron or stress, my long tresses were toast (literally).

So after this traumatic event I was of course researching many hair products and any tools that I could to revive my already dead and buried hair. I know many people would just tell me “don’t use heat on your hair, wear it natural” blah blah blah. That TOTALLY is for some people, but NOT for me. My natural hair is so fine, except for the grays that stick out, and flat flat flat. I mean as a blogger I am always doing pictures and I definitely don’t feel confident in my natural hair. So needless to say, it wasn’t going to happen so I had to find something that worked.

I knew after researching the t3 Micro curling iron, the metals on the barrels were WAY better for your hair and also created curls that lasted way longer. These irons are made with Tourmaline, (sounds soooo fancy right). Well basically what it does, is it emits negative ions and healthy infrared heat. LAYMEN’S TERMS? It seals in the moisture to your hair, so it’s shiny, stays healthy, and doesn’t fry your hair.

These babies also have a one pass technology so you aren’t applying heat, after heat, to your hair which causes more damage. Synonymous with all of these perks is the ability to change the temperature of your curling, with every wand, to create tight or loose waves and distributing the heat evenly. (see here for a better description on this whole thing.)

Now that’s a plus, and obviously sounded great for me.

The other thing I seriously loved was the interchangeable barrels. It made things way more simple when it came to storing my hair tools, traveling, or even minimizing the amount chords all over the bathroom sink

** I can hear my mother using my middle name as I type this**

My favorite is the widest barrel because it really creates those super wavy wide curls for every day. I HATE feeling like I look the same every day AND exactly the same for special events, feel me?

Anyway with my hair they slightly fall out but gives more volume than completely straight hair. (Again with the wide face looking fat)

Also the 1 inch is PERFECT for the tight curls you can brush out and get that perfect *I’m a Disney princess and I know it* type of hair.

So if you are in the market for a new curling iron I FULLY stand behind this product and use it every day. Even though I was fortunate enough to work with t3 Micro, this wasn’t a sponsored blog post and I would 100% recommend this curling iron.

Especially if you want something with good quality, that will last you a really long time, and keep your hair shiny and smooth. You know, like a Pantene model.

Uhmmmm also, what girl doesn’t want a brush and hair dryer to match her set? I mean every girl reading this blog post for sure. NOT TO MENTION this hairdryer has ion SoftAire technology in it as well, which emits ion enriched air that distributes throughout large sections of hair to dry it quickly and evenly. Did you know, Negative ions neutralize static and seal the cuticle? What does this mean? Again, healthy, shiny hair, that has moisture and isn’t leaving little hair babies on your bathroom sink after brushing your ends (I’m not the only one right?)