Once in a lifetime you find an accessory that makes you just sparkle.

Yes I said sparkle.

And honestly, what makes a girl feel more special than an accessory trademarked by the Parisians. Let’s be honest, what the Parisians wear, we wear



YES! I am talking about this beret

Now listen, I feel like I’ve talked to quite a few girls that don’t like hats or don’t wear them because they think “hats don’t look good on them“. Am I the only one that has heard that a million times?

Well I love hats and honestly would wear one every day if I could.. Which I guess I technically could.. *contemplates life for a moment*

I genuinely feel like berets would look good on anyone and well anyone, should wear one.

Even you, girl who thinks her head is to fat for hats. You will rock it, it’ll be great



There is something about a beret, it’s like when you wear one, there is some magical power in every single one. I mean who knows, how do women in Paris look THAT good?

Anyway, one of my favorite things to pair with this beret is a vintage blazer. I KNOW, I just said vintage. I have never been a fan of vintage clothing mostly because I can never find stuff I like and fits well. I see so many other women and bloggers who SCORE at a thrift shop, and I never do. (check out Thrifts and Threads, she is amazing!) But well, I got this cute blazer from Goodwill, totaling a SUPER high cost of $6.00. #worthit. (I’ve attached some similar styles for you!)

Of course I paired all of these beauts with my Daniel Wellington, because well DUH And I wear one every day. So really, no other choice here. 


Needless to say, this outfit was a little different for me, only because of these vintage and French feels. But I truly loved every moment of it. 

So for those of you who are trying to wear something new, spice up your wardrobe a little bit this fall, PLEASE try some new hats (I will attach all my favorites below) and try them with outfits you normally wouldn’t pair them with. Maybe a vintage outfit from Goodwill perhaps? 

Also, never forget, a Beret can make any bad days better, any rainy days sunny, and any bland days so so Parisian. Hip Hip Beret! (ha)

Never forget, Every Story has a Silver Lining.



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19 replies on “Hip Hip Beret

  1. First off, I LOVE the play on words with the title! Secondly, the beret looks great on you and I can’t believe how much of an under-utilized accessory because it makes a great addition to almost any outfit!

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