Have you ever looked at someone and literally been like, “If I was them, or had what they had, I know FOR SURE, I’d be happy”.


Like Duh. Every day.


In this world of social media and all things jealousy, it’s seriously so hard to not hate yourself at all times. I often look in the mirror and pull at different parts of my face and lift certain things up wondering how I could look better, somehow thinking if I held it in place long enough, I could be inducted as the next Kardashian. Maybe scotch tape will work the same?

Anyway, sometimes it’s so SO HARD to look at others and truly believe that if you looked just a little different, wore one size smaller, or could have a few extra bucks, you’d be on top. Maybe I’d have more followers if I had a better jaw line or get more likes if I could actually afford a Chanel bag, but somehow I don’t think it works like that.

Jealousy is a scary, tricky thing. Before you know it, it can creep up and somehow take over your whole life. 


Before you know it, you will be completely green, ugly, and honestly someone you don’t want to be. 

There is a place in this world for everyone, all shapes, sizes, and creatives.

This idea that only the most beautiful people, or rich people, will become successful is just not true

It takes hard work, dedication, passion and everything in between. 

IMG_6418IMG_6502IMG_6587IMG_6469It’s so easy to compare your situation with everyone else’s and truly believe you can’t be successful without A, B, and C. And it’s such a lie. One of my favorite quotes right now is “don’t compare your hustle with someone else’s highlight reel”. 

Don’t lay in your bed at night and look at all of the successful people on Instagram, because guess what? They worked their butts off for where they are (sometimes literally) and are where they are for a reason, no matter what that reason is.


So no matter what you are doing, and no matter what you are working towards, stop comparing, and just turn your phone off. Put blinders on and strut, because you’ve got this. 

Never forget, every story has a Silver Lining.



Posted by:Signed Silver Lining

12 replies on “Green with Envy

  1. “don’t compare your hustle with someone else’s highlight reel”. <—- this!!! Yes girl! I needed to read this post.

    I have been feeling discouraged lately, and having to remind myself that social media is not everything and not all is perfect.

    All of this resonates so well in needing to remind ourselves to stop with the comparassion game. It’s not worth the energy.


  2. You are so right. I stopped comparing myself a few years ago, (after I had my kid and anyway my life was totally changed and I could NOT compare myself to other girls) and it just feels so much better. Love yourself first! Find what’s unique with you!


  3. I like that quote about the highlight reel, the thing about social media is that people can portray their lives to be this fabulous thing and everything it perfect but only they truly know what happens behind the scenes. We all have a behind the scenes of our own lives and that’s always going to be different from the next persons. Like you said we should strive to be out own unique selves not somebody else! Great message!!


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