“What are these? Oh these are my fancy track pants.”

“Oh you use your track pants to be athletic? Silly rabbit. Trix are for kids.”

Besides, I was home schooled, my “lap around the track” was a walk to the mailbox. 

Anyway, if you follow me on Instagram you will see that I have been obsessed with Avec Les Filles lately, they recently started being stocked at my local Macys and I was instantly hooked.  Not only does this designer make me feel as Parisian as possible while living in the United States, but they class me up to like level 10.  Who honestly doesn’t love that. Both this top and these bottoms are both from this amazing designer, but lets take two seconds and look at these pants. SO FUN right?

As mentioned above ^^  I was home schooled, I tried being athletic for about 10 minutes in 8th grade and did track at my local junior high, well I never actually ran in a meet because I genuinely wasn’t created to run or do anything active, FACT. So needless to say, I never was able to wear those super comfy track clothes all the jocks are constantly raving about. BUT NOW I GET TO.


After finding these pants, I definitely understand why people wear comfy clothes now. TBH I never got into wearing yoga pants or sweats, because I like dressing up and ready for a spontaneous business meeting pretty much all the time. But with these pants I definitely get the best of both words (que Hannah Montana theme) because I could have worn them in a courtroom, or to a track meeting. But, let’s be honest here, I bought these to wear for pictures…. Regardless. Seriously so comfy. Also the buttons on the legs open from the bottom as well, so if you wanted to open those babes up and take flight, you really could.

BTW, this totally isn’t a sponsored post too.. I genuinely love this brand

IMG_3555IMG_3464IMG_3401IMG_3415IMG_3393IMG_3359If you have been watching fall fashion this year, you have got to be as excited as I am. Of course one thing i’m seeing is DYNAMIC and unique pants. Buying a statement pair of pants can seriously level up (mushroom growing sound on Super Mario) your wardrobe and change a normal outfit into a street style look anyone would be envious of. IMG_3594IMG_3407

So as you can probably imagine, investing in a pair of pants that will work with your other outfits, follow your style aesthetic and create some sweet athletic vibes, is clearly a must. ALSO, these pants are totally on sale, so I mean, why wouldn’t you just give em a shot?

Never forget, Every Story has a Silver Lining.



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