So, I know I’m a newbie a.k.a BABY BLOGGER alert, but one thing I do get asked often is how do I edit my photos? 

Is it a filter? (Major compliment BTW), is it VSCO or another app? (again a compliment) But the truth is…

None of the above. In fact, I spend quite bit of time cultivating each shoot with lighting, contrast, color correcting, and a little bit of highlighting. Once I am done with all of this tweaking, a nice “copy and paste” action goes a long away. Of course fixing things little by little throughout. So on this not so typical SSL (Signed Silver Lining) blog post, I will be talking to you about some cold, hard, facts, and giving you legitimate tools on how to make your feed on fleek (lol ew) and give you a great cohesive look to your photos. So let’s get started.

Today I want to talk about some color correcting techniques, that are actually SUPER simple, that you can adapt to all of your photos to spice them up, or mute them down. 

Here we go.

Ps. I’m going to let you in on some MAJOR secrets here. My raw UNEDITED photos. *shocking noises*

So as you can see on the left photo, there is a lot of haziness and saturation in areas that I don’t want to be there. We did this shoot during sunset, so the sun was naturally bouncing around, causing a little bit of weird lighting throughout. So the first thing I like to do is ……… Okay hang on, I’m getting ahead of myself here, today we are talking about just color correction, I’ll get to my favorite parts later, i.e. contrast, shadows, the works.

SO If you use Lightroom like I do, OR if you are using an editing app, there should always be a section to manipulate the colors in your photos. The colors I always focus on are the greens, blues, reds, and yellows. I live in Oregon so when it comes to greens they are normally very prominent throughout the scenery.

It will look something like this. You can go ahead and pick the color you are wanting to focus on. Now take a look at the options.lightroom color edit 1Now when it comes to greens, I’m going to take the hue and drag it to the right. I always like the look of more “green” looking greens, because it takes the yellow out of the picture a bit. I then turn the saturation down so it isn’t so bold in the photo, and last, I’ll take the luminance to make the greens a bit darker and richer.

You can see that with these tiny shifts, it doesn’t make an unrealistic drastic change, but enough of a change to bring out and sharpen the image.

Color correction is one of the most important things I do on my photos, because it creates an overall cohesive look on my feed and my blog. It creates style and a unique representation of my brand.

Sometimes photos that seem too bad to fix, are actually totally redeemable. Correcting shadows and light in this one was pivotal (next blog post), but fixing the greens like I stated above, and also the yellows/reds, really brought life back into the picture. Below I have show the exact amount I used in this photo.
color edit 2The yellows needed just a small adjustment, and though I usually use less saturation for yellows, because of the photo being taken at sunset, I added a tiny bit, just to blend the sun coming down. I can also adjust the temperature on the overall photo to blend those colors as well.

color edit 4

Just a small bit though! I notice a lot of people add a quite of bit of temperature to their photos, which I think can be a hard to keep up with on every photo in every season. 


Okay, now REDS. Ughhhh I love dealing with the reds in photos, not for the surrounding, but for my face. Because I wear lipsticks in shades of red and pink all the time, and also blush, I always add a little bit of saturation and luminance. It really brings out the depth in my face and the structure of my cheek bones and lips. I think it’s always important to add a little bit of depth with reds, it turns the photo into more of an editorial look, instead of just a portrait.

color edit 3

So as you can see, manipulating certain colors throughout your face and surroundings, really brings out the photos and makes a statement. The beauty of editing is that you can edit them however you want them to be, and as much or as little as you think. These are YOUR photos and you can make as much of a statement as you want. Whenever I deal with color correction, I try and keep that consistent aspect throughout all of my work, so it creates a certain look and brand overall. Though there are many aspects of photo editing that I can (and will) talk about, I love to address color correction because it will seriously transform your pictures. 

So use these tips I showed you today and ask any questions you have below. Also, please send me your photos when they are done so I can see them! 



Never Forget, Every Story has a Silver Lining.

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6 replies on “Color Correction

  1. You are seriously a pro! I’m so impressed. You’re making really subtle, elegant edits, but the difference between the “befores” and the “afters” is remarkable. Thanks for sharing your tips!

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  2. This photos are amazing! I love the one in the woods becausejust changing the colours it gave to the photo a whole different vibe, way more dramatic! I’m still learning all this photo editing techniques so your post was really helpfull, thank you for sharing it 😀 Would you mind check out my page? We can follow each other and be internet friends, it would mean the world to me!
    Love, Mimi

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  3. Great post babe! I love learning about other blogger’s editing process because I want to get better and editing my own photos. Thank you for sharing your secrets!

    Liked by 1 person

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