Whenever there is a hard situation everyone always tells you that one beautiful phrase that we ALL love to hear. “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade”. First of all, what does that even mean? Second of all, if I’m going through a tough time, I’m telling you right now, I DO NOT want to add physical labor to the mix.



This is how I feel about our world today. Can we not?


But in all seriousness. 

Destruction, despair, sadness, and horrible events all around us. From natural disasters, to hatred, to so many people not knowing the true beauty of the world we live in.

When I got this silk dress, I knew I had to pair it with some of the most beautiful pairs of shoes I owned. As I was piecing this outfit together, I peeked outside and saw what I had been seeing for weeks now. Smoke, so much smoke.

Living close to all of the fires this summer has NOT been ideal, and also very sad and dangerous for so many people. With a quarter mile visibility where I live, and all the smoke that settled right into our valley… Going outside was hazardous. Like actually. The gauge said so.

I knew I had to continue to do pictures, so I decided to pair this outfit with an unlikely background. And ugly one, one filled with destruction, and something that was so opposite from what I was wearing. I wanted to prove a point to not just my town, but to the world. 

Be your form of a pearl, in every bad oyster.IMG_2579IMG_2463IMG_2437As I was standing there in the most delicate outfit I could be in, I looked around me and all I saw was what used to be. No form of completeness and total void of beauty.

I so quickly remembered the importance of truly being salt to the earth, and a light a for others. 

With as much despair going on in the world around us, I couldn’t help but think of the many ways to spread beauty and clarity to any event happening around us. Not to forgot the pain, or make a situation less severe than it is, but to show that one person, or that one a small town a bit of happiness and joy. Always staying true to the so known fact that love and grace TRULY heal and create beauty from the ashes. Sometimes literally in my situation.IMG_2527IMG_2481IMG_2608Though life is life, and sadness and despair will come about, sharing a little bit of beauty wherever you can could change someone’s day from horrible, to maybe a little below average, I mean that’s an improvement right?

Sometimes there is nothing to be done in times like these, and there are unbearable situations that leave everyone asking the question “but what can I do to help?”. Take that opportunity to be the best person you can be and showing AS MUCH joy as possible, because you never know who is blind to it. Is this easy? Absolutely not, do I ever do it successfully, most likely no. But I can try.

And so can you.IMG_2638IMG_2563IMG_2555IMG_2466So if you have gone through something that has changed you to the core, or seen someone go through an event that cannot ever be erased. Take your salt and sprinkle it over them, and make sure to hold you light out as far as possible, because you don’t know how far it could spread.

Many of us are so blessed with so many things, and have so much we take for granted. In many ways we can take those blessings and use them for the greater good of the world we live in. IMG_2617The true beauty of life is helping those less fortunate, and being there for someone when they truly need you. It isn’t in the silk dresses (though they are perfection) and it isn’t about the perfect pearls (though they are), it is about love, and joy, and spreading THAT joy around as often as possible, and as bright as you can get it.

Because after all, Every Story truly does have a Silver Lining. 





Posted by:Signed Silver Lining

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