I have always loved Zoos and often romp around the one in Portland talking to all the animals one by one. The entire time I’m in the zoo I have constant guilt thinking of these poor guys and gals all locked up with no where to go. I mean like, would you want to be locked in a cage? Or?

Anyway, I wanted to head to the zoo last time I visited but my best friend Tae Bae said that zoos made her sad because of all the caged up snuggles. Naturally I agreed with her because of my constant struggle with their freedom. 

So as you are reading this I’m sure you are wondering where I possibly could be going with this blog, because I know I usually tangent… But, I assure you, this will make a lot of sense… At least in my mind it will


When I decided to team up with Zooshoo and J.adams shoes, I made one very important decision. Animals need to be free, shoes need to be free, and when there is an opportunity to wear cute shoes, you take it… always.

Well what do I mean by that? Let me tell you my friends.

The shoes you wear need to bring you life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! Or is that the American dream? Oh well, same thing. I mean seriously, when you sport your most classy white slides, your most comfortable block heel sandals, and the most beautiful black stilettos, you really should be feeling all three things! Why else would you wear shoes anyway?

Shoes are much more than items to protect your feet… They are there to protect your heart, your mind, and give you the peace in knowing that you are LITERALLY walking on sunshine.

IMG_8580IMG_8997IMG_8906IMG_1239Let’s also be honest with ourselves for a moment. Walking on sunshine is FAR more than a 90’s hit, it is the way to bring a smile to your face, and the faces of those around you.

At the start of this summer I was really wanting some go to sandals to satisfy all the outfits I sport. I knew that definitely meant some block heels, slides, and heels, obvi. In a variety of colors OBVI. Which is indeed what I got and what took me around the globe (my town) this summer. The white slides have definitely been my favorite and literally go with everything I own, while effortlessly providing comfort every step of the way. Literally.IMG_8646IMG_8891IMG_0977-2Shoes are one of those accessories that I believe need to always be on point, and ready for anything. You should ALWAYS have the freedom and ability wear whatever you want on your feet. It’s YOUR feet right? So whether you want to have some basic black heels that will keep you FIERCE for every event, or some shoes that will draw people’s eyes right to your little toes. You should be able to.

Your piggies didn’t go all the way to the market to not be adorned properly.. Right?

IMG_1150The best part of the these babies are the price. Not only do they not break the bank, but you could basically buy 7 for the price of 1. So naturally you would buy 7.

I mean, that’s what you do when something is 50% off right? You buy two?

IMG_8990IMG_8939IMG_8685IMG_1038Just as we deserve life, liberty and happiness. We all deserve, classiness, comfort, and reasonably priced items. We should put that on some monument somewhere. Don’t you think?

So if you are like me and you like zoos, but like not really, you love shoes and want to class up your feet, you are totally broke but actually NEED cute shoes… Then I’m pretty sure j.adams is totally for you. 

Also if you are planning any trips to the zoo, at least wear some of these cute shoes there, to give those animals a least a glimmer of hope. Now I gotta go, I just found like 14 pairs of shoes that are super cheap so I obviously need to buy around 28 to even things out…. Right?

Always remember, Every Story has a Silver Lining.



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