We all have this dream to move out of parents house and live in a mansion, with cool shoes, fun friends, and unlimited room for an unlimited amount of cats. Okay that’s more my dream than anything, except for the mansion part. I’ve always said that I never want to be scared getting a drink of water in the middle of the night.. Feel me?

Anyway, we all hope that we can live that Disney dream, and do that thing that every Disney star does. Go from rags to riches, from towers to castles, and pumpkins to carriages. Again, maybe that’s just me… But I also know for a fact that you all watched Aladdin growing up and always rooted for him to become a prince and keep that super chic white outfit.

Unfortunately the older we all get, and the more time goes by, the longer life gets muffled by all of the things that we have to do, have to accomplish, and fill this endless need of responsibility. Most of the time, all of this fun “adult” stuff sneaks on in with our dreams, and life goes by. We eventually are sitting around the fire around our grand children telling them of a better time, in a better world, where their dreams almost came true, but life got in the way. Okay, so maybe everyone isn’t the same, but I know from experience that responsibility and life take over people’s worlds, and the passions they wanted to pursue for years slowly become less and less important. 

So why am I saying all of this?

Well I recently was able to collaborate with Macys, and Lauren Ralph Lauren, and add another dream brick to my wall of dreams I’ve been building for a few years. It’s like 2 feet high, but hey, at least smurfs can’t get through. (…) As I was taking photos and researching all things about Ralph Lauren, I slowly but surely started to get inspired. It probably didn’t help that I was listening to “My Heart will go on” acoustic version which is pretty dang inspirational. Who knows though, maybe Celine Dion helped out another person with this song, and really got me thinking about what it means to truly, lovingly, and passionately pursue my goals and not look back. 

Not even once.


Ralph Lauren was the epitome of the saying “Rags to Riches” and worked his whole life to build the empire we all know and love. No he didn’t come from a family that handed it all to him, or a platform that was already set up for success, he worked for it… Every day.

Him and his family were Jewish immigrants, that fled from Belaruse (Russia), and settled down in New York to have a better life. Ralph found a love for fashion and often replicated the looks of the stars Cary Grant and Fred Astaire, and was most likely was a dapper as they come. He knew what he loved, knew what he wanted to become, and definitely dressed for success. Story of my life Ralph. 


While building his empire on pocket squares alone, he made a name for himself that will live on long after he is gone. Don’t we all aspire for that? To know that when we are gone, our name lives on. No, not just for fame, but because we made a difference and did everything we could to live life to the fullest. I mean, I sure do.

After finding out I was able to work with this amazing brand and receive these items to add to my closet (my clothes were happy to add them to their family), I couldn’t believe that step by step my dreams are kinda, sorta, maybe, becoming a reality. I began to realize that everyone has felt that way when they were pursuing something that seemed pretty impossible. I’m sure a young kid from Belarus knew his life wasn’t going to be easy, so when he got his big break styling people in “The Great Gatsby”, his dreams started to become a reality. 

IMG_8114What would have happened if he would have quit what he wanted to do just because the goings got tough? I mean, I know I would’t be wearing this amazing jumpsuit and sporting around this perfect purse, that’s for sure. Maybe Ralph Lauren would have gone on to do other things, even things that he was really successful at. But, he would have never gotten to top of his dream tower if he stopped climbing halfway through.

I often think about quitting, and what my life would come to. I think about the obstacles it has created not going the typical route in my career and in my life, and I wonder what would happen if I just did something else. Sure, I might make good money, get to be a good position somewhere, maybe even somewhere I was happy. But, I know in my heart that I would never be as happy to that, as I would doing this. So even though I haven’t even begun to climb my dream tower yet, I’m definitely trying to find the tallest heals possible to make it a little closer to the top. IMG_8173IMG_8062IMG_8357IMG_8282IMG_7942It’s funny. Every time I reach a small milestone in my career, I often don’t even look at it as a success, but am constantly reaching toward the next thing, and the next thing, and the next… You get it. Sometimes I forget that the “climb” (no Miley, not you), is part of the journey and part of the dream really. If none of this is being handed to me, which it isn’t, and I was given anything to help out with this, which I wasn’t, then scaling this social media mountain, is part of my story and part of my dream. Without it, I wouldn’t be where I was and sure as heck wouldn’t have as much character as I do right now.

That’s for sure.

I’m sure that Ralph Lauren looks back at all his milestones and knows that each of those bricks (remember the dream bricks we were talking about?), all took part in his career and could not have built that wall (remember that dream brick wall), as high as it ended up being. If he would have simply stopped every time something didn’t go his way, or life just wasn’t fair, that shiny gold Ralph Lauren symbol I’m looking at would not be there.IMG_8103IMG_7989Now look, I don’t know Mr. Lauren personally (yet) and definitely don’t know the ins and outs of his story, so all of these Olivia thoughts and musings are all just a big pool of ideas that come out when I write. I can only assume (you know what happens when you do that), that Ralph Lauren is fond of his story and his hardships, and takes those times of adversity as a time he truly made the RLL name his own.IMG_8309IMG_8443IMG_8070IMG_8154So, If you have made it through this breif post, about all things classy, beautiful, versatile, and hardworking. Congrats! And also thank you, thank you to all of you for your support so far, and creating this path for me to work with amazing brands like Macys and Lauren Ralph Lauren. I truly couldn’t have done it without so many of you **I thank the academy and most of all my mom**. Oh sorry, I was getting my speeches confused **tucks speech away for a later time**.

If you want to support this amazing brand, and also want to look totally fabulous and classy. I’ve linked some of my favs from the Lauren Ralph Lauren summer collection below.

Never forget. Every Story has a Silver Lining.



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16 replies on “Rags to Riches

  1. Thank you for sharing and congrats on working with Macy’s and Ralph Lauren! These are big milestones as an influencer. Glad to connect with you on NAB …. I love your photography! Very clean and crisp : )When do you usually shoot in the day??

    Liked by 1 person

  2. First off all of the outfits and accessories are incredible. I’m such a fan of Ralph Lauren and I can’t even imagine how excited you were when you received the news of working with them. I 100% understand and agree with his you feel towards reaching your goals and the hardships that come with it. I have only been blogging for about 4 months and even the slightest recognition from anyone I am so proud of lol. Like you I’m not aiming for the mansion (for the same exact reason haha), but I am thrilled for your achievement and hope to some day be given the same opportunity. Keep going babe xx

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    1. Girl, thank you so much!!! Seriously don’t give up ever. It took me almost a hear to get to working with brands and almost 2 and a half to get this one!
      It’s so hard and it’s easy to want to stop, but you can do it!!!🙌🏻🙌🏻


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