So the other day I was favoring one of my shoulders throughout the course of the day. I didn’t really know why, but I noticed my left arm was just aching. It wasn’t bad enough to be concerned, but just enough to wonder what I had done previously in that day to make it hurt. I came to the conclusion that it was probably from my work, or being on my phone too much etc etc. 

Later that evening I looked over at Arturo and told him that my shoulder kinda hurt. So, of course he asked me why and yadah yadah yadah. 

I then looked off in the distance, kinda like That’s so Raven does when she is having a vision, and all of a sudden saw my biological clock looming in the distance. I then started to question everything, and realized… My arms hurt, because I don’t stretch them properly… I’m. Getting. Old.? 

Uh what? Old? Me…. Not quite my thoughts as a 24 year old. I know you probably just read that and were like, “literally stop, you aren’t that old”. But hey, I’m definitely not as young and as agile as I used to be… That’s for sure. I’m now at the point in life where I can wave at 30 and have a normal conversation with it, instead of not knowing it was creeping up behind me without me knowing. Look, I know that I will definitely be in prime then, (Thirty, flirty, and thriving, duh.) It mostly just freaks me out because I feel like I’m still in high school. Someone tell me they relate!?

So now you are probably wondering why I am rambling on about my old and aching arms in this beauty section.. It’s because after my “I’m almost Jennifer Gardner in 13 going on 30” the other day,  I started to realize that it is never too early to start caring about my skin, and caring about wrinkles in the future. I know wrinkles are inevitable with time, but right now at the age I am, it would be a lot more attainable to take action now… Rather than later. I have always tried taking care of my skin, mostly because I am really pale with freckels and super susceptible to skin cancer, so I have constantly taken the sun’s rays and chemicals into consideration. I.e. sunscreen, moisturizers, shade at all times… You get it.

So, though I DID think that part through, I definitely didn’t get into night creams, and moisturizing products until the last couple of years. Once I heard about Stridermatox though, I knew I had to try it, and see how fabulous it would make me look.

IMG_9917IMG_9947.jpg“Well, what are these products anyway?” (she asks in a questioning tone). They are all things age-defying, and anti wrinkling. Truly a buh-bye wrinkle kind of product. The set I was lucky enough to get my hands on included a 5 minute lifting serum, so you won’t be late for your life of course. A frown line cream, for all of those times you saw your favorite person go home on the bachelor, and an eye lifting serum that helps with puffiness and those darn dark circles that are so hard to get rid of.IMG_9964Honestly mini loves this stuff too. She’s like way older than me and wanted to try it. This 16 year old beauty needs a little help sometimes.. What can she say?IMG_9946These products are honestly a super cost effective way to keep your skin looking young, tight, and healthy. I know I may not need to worry about “finding my youth again”… But I truly believe that it is never too early to stay healthy, find products that really work for my skin, and cost effective ways to thank myself in the future. A long with many things in life, I would much rather make the right decisions now, than reap the consequences later! The 5 minute lift serum is such a great moisturizer as well, and keeps my skin feeling super tight and ready for the day. Accompanying that with the eye lift, really wakes my skin up and creates a fresh canvas for my normal makeup routine. They aren’t just night time products, which makes them super versatile and an overall good choice throughout your day.IMG_9927IMG_9920IMG_9950So if you are in the market for a little pick up me, (literally, your face might need a pick me up). check out Stridermatox and this set, and see how well your skin responds to it. I love putting it on at night before bed, and also having something fresh to wake up to the next day. IMG_9969Take care of skin, trust me, it’ll say thank you later. 

Now if you will excuse me. I just found a bunch of hair in one of my creams, and I’m pretty sure mini has been looking extra fabulous lately…

Ps. buy everything you see here. I’ve linked it below! 

Never forget. Every story has a Silver Lining.




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21 replies on “Buh-Bye Wrinkles!

  1. Such a great post!! I’ve been reading a ton about skincare lately, and have read some dermatologists say you should be thinking about preventative care around 16-17!! So crazy, right?! Most seem to say your early to mid 20s are the time to start thinking about switching up your skincare and using more aggressive products. We are on the same page gf!!

    xx, Amy

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  2. ill have to check it out! I forgot i was probably reading a sponsored post! youre so good at relating and connecting points! You’re links are always fun too !

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