I have always known that there are two timeless accessories.

A Kitten

And the perfect watch.


A Henry watch to be exact.

Not only are these watches stunning, and able to match nearly everything in my closet. They are also perfectly timed (ha) to make you look fabulous at all times (snicker). Did I mention that you will never be late again because they show you the date every time (I’m done now)

Okay okay I get it, don’t exit out, I’m done with the puns this… Time

Are you guys still there? Gosh, thank you. I couldn’t stop punning, but I’m back. 


So, I am on a budget with the items I purchase/wear throughout the seasons, I always try to find accessories that I know will match many different items. That goes for shoes, purses, earrings etc. Even though I most definitely like to splurge on the perfect pair of shoes or amazing bag, sometimes in life versatility is key.

This reason is why I have always loved watches and adore how easily matched they are to outfits in every season for every occasion. 

When I found these Henrys and saw their beauty, everything was over, I knew I had to have them. And well, so did Arty. He peeked over at my computer and quietly said “I want one“. The rest is history.

Did I mention they can be engraved too? 

IMG_7350Yes it does say “His Kitten” and “Her kitten” Okay? Stop judging.IMG_7306IMG_7328

Now you need to understand something here. When you put on a watch everything changes. Not only do you look smart telling time with a watch, because literally no can tell time in this day and age because of well, phones... You look sophisticated, classy, and like you have places to go and people to see! Why else would you wear a watch? 

Henry made me better, Henry made me on time (jk I’m never on time), Henry inspired me to actually set my watch to the right time zone!!

Yes, I’m hyping this up, but that’s probably because they need to be hyped? Look at them.. Do you think I’d match with my beaux unless push seriously came to shove… I mean that’s one step closer to matching track suits. Which in reality, would be worth it if I could wear this watch every day. (Truth).


Now listen. If you have been wanting to invest in some jewelry or watches for awhile now, take some time and explore your options. But then stop really quick and go check out one of these beauts. Their watches satisfy all of my criteria when it comes to investing in accessories, and also satisfy all of clothing’s criteria too.

Seriously, my clothes sit me down on the daily and lecture me on the importance of accessorizing. 

IMG_7307IMG_7513IMG_7435One aspect I really appreciate about the design of these watches is the differing appearance between the male and female design. They still have the same aesthetic but also address the feminine and masculine traits in both of them. So though I obviously love (rolling eye emoji) matching with Arty, I still get to be me, and have those feminine aspcets I so love.

Same for him, he can strap on his Henry (which he does every day), and wear it with any outfit. I’m not kidding, I just looked over at him and he was wearing it. 


What it all comes down to, is understanding that watches match anyone’s style. Whether you need a watch because you are more active and athletic, a classic piece for working at the office daily, or one that will match your day to day routine. There is an option for everyone, and that is why they are timeless. No, not because they will never not tell time silly, but because of what they are. 

Watches give you a look, an edge, and most importantly, a reason to be classy 24/7.


SO I’m sure if you reached the end of this, you have discovered three very important things.

1. I like being punny. (and succeed daily)

2.I love watches

3.You need to follow this link. 

Never forget. Every story has a Silver Lining.



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