Oh forget it. How many times have you heard someone say “fake it till you make it”. What does that even mean. Fake appearance? Fake smile? Fake kindness? What… What is this whole “fake it till you make it” thing we all have going on. I mean, I get it. Create the perfect feed, write out the funniest captions, tell every single person on Instagram that you “love them too“… But what is the heart behind this phrase. 

Here is really what it comes down to, and the best way to spin things. There is a huge difference between being fake on social media, and being fake in real life. 

No, I’m not saying go around pretending you are a certain person on social media that you aren’t in real life, (coming from the girl wearing sweats, eating a bagel, and always pretending to have everything going on). But the minute you start bottling up everything inside and now tricking yourself you have everything going perfectly?? Ya, that’s the real problem. 

This whole narrative will be set to the scene of a desert, some ruffles, freezing temperatures, and a lot of “fake” smiles. 

What was I doing during this shoot in Idaho? Faking it. And I barely made it. That’s for sure


So as I was contemplating this blog post earlier, I knew exactly what I wanted to write about. I wanted to touch base on how faking it till you are successful is GOOD thing. I had this whole sch-peal (is that how you spell it?) lined up, about how faking it till you get to where you want to be was a necessity for a successful business. Well just a few minutes ago, my fingers started typing and that is just not what they wanted to say. Pesky fingers,

It’s the pinky, she always gets the others into trouble.

 I suddenly began to realize the significance of that statement and actually how damaging it could be to other people… Especially to other young women who might read my blog or look at my social media.

Yes, I do love being classy and feminine, but I am no where near perfect, and am literally anything but put together. HA! Currently laughing as I sit in the home where I live with my mother, in so much debt I can’t think straight, and so much laundry I can’t even  comprehend starting it… Well, you can just go ahead and figure out that being real is a lot harder, but a lot more positive than faking.

IMG_5962IMG_5942What does all of this have to do with this shoot? Well, basically everything that could have gone right for these photos went horribly, terribly, and very freezing (ly) wrong. My fingers were bleeding from making that darn flower crown (couldn’t afford to buy one, #keepinitreal), the romper was a bit too small (bagel weight) so I couldn’t breath properly, there was sand EVERYWHERE, and also did I mention it was -30 degrees in the desert? Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but like, it definitely didn’t feel like it.

My hands and feet were purple, it was so windy I had to hold my crown so it wouldn’t blow away (I knew I was royalty), and the fricken semi trucks honking every time they drove by made things REAL fun. Like guys, have you never seen a styled shoot in the middle of eastern Oregon on the side of the road. I mean please. 

IMG_6043IMG_6061IMG_6016These pictures definitely turned out better than I had imagined they would, especially because I think I partially turned blue for most of the photos. Though it may sound like I am complaining about this whole affair, I came away with some valuable knowledge from this little adventure. 

Every time the camera turned toward me I had to be on point, I had to stop shaking, and had to focus. I couldn’t let what I was going through in that moment affect something bigger and better for my brand. I knew when push came to shove, I was going to fake it and was going to fake it good. So while I’m sitting here editing these photos and going back in time to a very chaotic and crazy day, it’s weird seeing these photos and this overall calmness that seemed to be happening. Especially because the actually setting was so far from calm


This whole affair got me thinking about how many people probably look at other bloggers and other social media influencers, and get this overwhelming feeling of perfection and together-ness. I know if I sat on my side of the computer and just started writing about this romper (which is amazing) and these darling pair of shoes etc etc. I wouldn’t be staying true to well, the truth. You wouldn’t be getting to know the real me, the real story, and the struggles that we all have. 

I am guilty of all of these things too. I constantly sit, observe, and naturally assume that the perfect feed means the perfect life. Right? That’s what all of this social media is for? It’s to create an illusion of what life is and what hard work is all about. It’s about being perfect all the time, having the money for a new outfit every day, and always being on point no matter the situation. Wrong


So as a blogger and someone that could maybe one day influence someone, I want to take a stand for being honest and truthful about what it’s like doing cold photo shoots, buying clothing with no money, and working hours and hours sometimes with not a lot to show from it. Its hard, and sometimes too hard to even fake it. 

Though my original plan was to sit here and act like this photo shoot was everything and a bag of chips. All I have to say was that it sucked. I was cold. And there is still sand in my car. 

Was it worth it though? Absolutely

Would I take back doing it for the comfort of warmth and cleanliness? No, I wouldn’t



Buying this amazing Alice McCall romper was everything I could have dreamed, and being a princess of the flowers for a day was also magical, and seeing my vision come to life was exactly what I wanted. Besides, no one ever said it was going to be easy. 

So whether you are a blogger, writer, actor, maybe even an older sibling that someone looks up to. Take a step back and don’t live by the “fake it” motto. I guarantee that you will be a lot more successful in every aspect of your life if you are honest with yourself, and with those around you. I know I’m going to start adapting this is my own world, and start to fully be up front when I almost lose a finger or two from frostbite. I’m sure everyone will appreciate it too.


Never forget, every story has a Silver Lining.



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