I knew I wouldn’t like Kombucha, but I decided to try it anyway to have an “open mind” or whatever, and guess what? I didn’t like it.



I’m a pretty black and white type of person. I know what is good for me in my life and I know what could be harmful. This trait can be good in some senses, and bad in other areas. I have definitely grown into my mentality over the years and have learned how to see past certain stubborn moments, and to listen and have an open mind. 

Now before you go all “gosh, she is writing another super serious post, **Yawn**”. It actually isn’t. So hold tight for one more second, and we will get to the point of all of this. 

Usually I can sense things when they are going wrong, and where that malfunction may be coming from. Whether it be from me, another person, or a piece of equipment. I mean we all make mistakes, and that’s fine, but there is one thing I will always bank on in life… That is the fact that Arturo never makes mistakes.. Again don’t go all “Ugh, she is going to talk about her super cool bf again **Bore**” because I’m not… Later I will, just not now. He actually doesn’t, ESPECIALLY when it comes to videos, photos, etc. He just really gets it, has a really great instinct and knows what to do if something isn’t working.

Well about a 4-5 months ago, I really noticed a shift in my photos, and how they turned into a quality I didn’t really love. I couldn’t pin point it and didn’t know why I dreaded doing pictures, or why I never wanted to look at them because I looked not like myself. I would often tell Arty that the lighting was off, I needed a different editing style, the photos are blurry, maybe a “what’s wrong with my face? 


To be honest though, I kinda knew it was something with him. I didn’t want to think that, but I was convinced it was either something different he was trying, or the camera was wrong. I’m not sure how a camera could be wrong, but I knew it wasn’t right?

I was convinced and we even got into a couple tiffs about it, because he swore everything was the same with the camera, but I knew it wasn’t! All the while I was feeling more and more guilty that I was making him feel bad, or less than because of pictures? Now before you think I’m a terrible person, all I was trying to do was figure out the issues I knew existed. I was convinced of it.


As the months dragged on, I felt like so many outfits were going to waste, time was being wasted, and basically my whole world was flipped upside down. 

I mean not really, but as a blogger that’s kinda what it seemed like. 

So I tried things. Many things. I tried to vary my editing, we tried different locations, different hairstyles, everything. Every once in a while we would get a good photo, but the magic was gone. I didn’t feel the spark I needed to with my content. How am I suppose to be inspired and write inspirational posts if I’m not inspired by them? As I was contemplating all of these confusing emotions, we almost bought a new camera just to combat it. I got to a spot where I accepted the way these photos looked (even if you couldn’t tell the difference), and realized that’s how it was going to be. 

Mind you. I believed Arturo. I knew he was trying his hardest, and his photos were still more amazing than anything I was seeing around. It was more that they were different, and there was no explanation for it. 


About a week ago, I decided to finally debut this amazing floral beauty from Topshop, and take an adventure on top of our parking garage. You know, small town excitement. As we were getting ready, Arturo was setting the lighting etc etc, and then did a test shot. The noise of the shutter sounded way different than it normally did, and we both looked at each other with a, one raised eyebrow,  type of look. We both laughed and joked about selling the camera before it fell a part completely (jokes people, calm down) and started to shoot some photos. 

After the first shot Arturo looked down at the photo and stared at it, a bit longer than normal. He got a slight smile on his face and looked up at me and started raving about how great the photo looked. I got excited because I was hoping for great pictures for this amazing dress and had a boost of energy from the comment. After another couple of minutes Arty stopped shooting and started to laugh. I was a little confused and had a feeling my world was about to be changed.


One Button.


This button changed everything. 

Well, it turned out our camera was set on continuous silent mode. This setting is designed for a situation when a lot of photos need to be taken at a time silently, so the quality of the photo is brought down a bit. 

Once we set it back to single shooter, and the camera sounded like it could breath again.. the photos were amazing. I couldn’t believe the difference. 

So, needless to say, after this incredibly long story of a button. I learned one very important thing: Go with your gut. No matter what it is, especially when it comes to a business. I knew my gut instinct and it turned out to be accurate. Of course my instinct wasn’t that Arturo was at fault, it was more of knowing that there was a difference, and the quality did change. I was so relieved when this information was made known, and we were able to create so much content within that time and these past few weeks, it’s been incredible. There has been a shift in my attitude, outlook, and over all judgement of what I’m doing.




Something so simple changed so many things for us, and that’s what caused me to be so excited/giddy by these events. No, it wasn’t the end of the world, and yes I still carried on with my photos and blogging. But, one simple change, and one small switch, created a whole new world for Arturo and I, and opened up a new line of communication between us. So if you are feeling confused, or frustrated about something major, or minor. Talk to your gut for a second and figure out what it’s telling you. You know you, and you know what the best decision is for your business or your life. 

Now I must go, and figure out what other buttons I can click to make my life a little sweeter.





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9 replies on “I Have a Gut. It Has an Instinct.

  1. OMG. I KNOW THAT FRUSTRATION SO WELL!!!!! This was such a fun, enlightening read. The photos turned out beyond amazing. 🙂


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