How many of you have a dream? 

I do too.

How many of you work 9-5 jobs that don’t include your dream at all?

Me too.


Lately I’ve been feeling entitled to my dreams. Like not only do I deserve it, but I am obligated to have it. I look at other bloggers and social media entrepreneurs seemingly doing everything I want to do. Yes, I know they have worked hard to get there, but sometimes it’s hard to remember that. It’s so easy to focus on why I’m not there, and what the heck I must be doing wrong. 

The fact is: I’m a dime a dozen.

IMG_4649Those grays. Oh man.IMG_4683IMG_4617

What I want for my life EVERYONE wants. They want to be their own boss, the freedom to do whatever they want, and AMSAP (As many shoes as possible). The fact that I don’t have that right now can only be blamed on the fact that I haven’t worked hard enough to get there. Sure, I pride myself on how hard I work and the amount of hours I put into my dreams, but I also know how much time I waste as well. Who am I to think that I deserve to be successful. It’s called hard work and perseverance Olivia. Even though my mom DOES think I’m special, and I was created to do something completely monumental that will change the world, knowing this does not create dreams. That’s basically just a fact. I, of course, would LOVE to be served on a silver platter every meal. But, if I don’t work hard, I WILL be the one carrying a silver platter. Now before you get upset, let me explain. Life doesn’t just hand out free “great life” passes that automatically grant you the perfect occupation, home, and social status. Trust me, I have a whole wallet full of those cards and literally have so much character because of it.


There are a lot of people in my generation that have a whole lot of talk, and not a lot of walk. Including myself. People think that dreams come easy and success will just fall in their lap, instead of understanding that it takes years of hard work. Trust me, I’m talking to myself too. What makes me so special to think that this social media empire I so desire will just happen. I often get up in the morning and dread my day wearing an apron, instead of taking it as a challenge and as a motivation to get my stuff together and hustle. This all makes me wonder why it’s so difficult to work hard and pursue something I love so much. Why would I rather waste time watching Netflix, then pave my way to my future. Which again, makes me wonder, why do I complain about not being successful when I am the sole reason why I am where I am. Sure, there are some people that are born into money or a business they take over, but that’s abut 1% of the people you see. Sometimes I realize how excited and overjoyed I will be when I do get to where I want to be. I will never take that life for granted because I started from the bottom and worked my way to the top.

I am so excited for the thrill of success knowing I worked for it.




Even though this knowledge of soon to be success (crosses fingers violently), I still get SO discouraged and unbelievably frustrated that people don’t realize that I’m a fun girl, and really am worth following. Hey, I know everyone feels like this… But I’m pretty sure I feel it more than others, but that’s just me. I often look at others profiles and compare my photos to them not seeing a huge difference, but not fully realizing that they have worked their way to that point and that is why they are where I want to be so desperately. I have finally come to a spot in my “career” that I have stopped wishing, hoping, comparing, and hyperventilating over the things I don’t have, and focusing on what I want to have one day. No one climbs the ladder of success by skipping all the rungs in between.

Unless you jumped really high, and honestly if you can do that, you probably should be a basketball player or something.


I’m starting to realize more and more what hard work actually is. It’s not taking breaks, stopping, or putting things off to a later time. Unless of course I want my dreams to come at a later time. It’s about not going to that one social event, that get together, or even watching that movie. Who knows what could have been created in the hours spent doing those activities, when compared to the job I want to be doing for the rest of my life. I need to stop relying on the fact that I have all of people fluffing up my pride making it seem like I work hard enough, and I should takes breaks. I am not taking breaks now, so I can be who I want to be later.

Motivation and perseverance are so hard, yet so key when it comes to pursuing whatever your dream may be. So I’m here to tell you that I have tried to quit and give up more times than I am proud of. I wanted to throw the towel in when it got hard, more times than I care to remember. Then one day I figured out, if I don’t do it now, how badly will I regret it later.


So if you are pursuing something you cannot fathom will make you money, or even indulge in the idea of working at the occupation everyone laughed at, it is possible.   I doubt my ability to do what I do, and wonder the heck I have done for the past 2 years, then remember… Who actually cares? I’m doing what I love and you should to. Now if you will excuse me, I should probably turn off my Netflix, and go hug my mom for making me feel special enough to write this.

Never Forget, Every Story Has a Silver Lining.




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5 replies on “Am I a Dime a Dozen? 

  1. A lot of your blog post sounds like the things I am thinking in my head. Hard work is the only way we can make it. One day when your blog is super popular, you will think back to these days and really appreciate the steps that it took to be successful.

    I am going through the same things with blogging and it is growing slowly but it is growing and the more we put into it the more we will get back.

    Great Post!


  2. I feel the same way. I am a big believer in that hustle life but I’ve been slacking lately. I don’t know what is holding me back. I spend more time reading books about business and productivity then actually working on the business and being productive. If I want to accomplish big things, I need to put that real work in.


    1. Gosh. It can be so hard!! I don’t know why it’s so easy to lay around and read or watch things, but when it comes to working it can be so hard! I definitely find it the easiest when it comes to doing something I love and writing about something I truly am passionate about. I’m here if you ever need support!! ❤


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