Welcome. Seriously! I am beyond thrilled you are here and reading this. This is officially my first post of my newly launched blog… It took WAY too long to get here, but we are here. So let’s celebrate. IMG_0752

With balloons of course. What’s a party without balloons… And cupcakes? I do need some right now.

IMG_0718IMG_0739IMG_0682So I always ask and am so desperate to find out. What is your Silver Lining? What is something you have learned through your experiences and hard times? I know once I started getting all my grey hairs, stress was definitely a factor in my life and a result of a WHOLE lot of hard times. Though all of these things created some interested highlights throughout my hair, and life I suppose, they are a constant reminder that the past has truly made me who I am. Many people ask why I don’t dye over them, because why would I dare keep these silver hairs? If I dyed over them, I’d be taking away all of the evidence that I have prevailed! But seriously, I prevailed. Barely though. The only thing lost were a few good men, I mean hairs.IMG_0830IMG_0673IMG_0741IMG_0789IMG_0698

Life isn’t easy. I know many of you sit behind the phone screen and scroll through Instagram imagining what it could be like to just be “that” happy. If you could have all of the clothing that those bloggers do, that long luscious hair, maybe even that row of Chanel bags adorning their shelves. Well I’m here to tell you that not all of us are like that!! I know I’m not. That hair you love? It’s fake (most of the time, if it’s not.. there are real life mermaids out there). Those bloggers have worked their BUTTS off for their products and amazing designer pieces, and trust me… No one’s life is what it seems to be on social media. Just know that. Really know that.



You see, when it comes to dreams and goals, it doesn’t come easily. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. I have NEVER had perseverance.. Seriously, ask my mom. I had a “blog” for 2 years and didn’t even have a blog up. Instagram was always code for blog in my mind, and apparently that was okay with me. I would sit up at night and second guess everything I was doing and constantly wondered why I wasn’t gaining a following as quickly as I wanted.  I complained, contemplated and finally came to the conclusion.. I’ve got to get my act together or nothing will happen and I won’t grow to where I want to. So I had to take the next step!


I definitely couldn’t afford to get a website developer, even though I really wish I could have. Every time I went onto WordPress I felt like my mind was going to explode because of all these new concepts were SO foreign to me. After blood, sweat, and tears (literally. Well except for the first), panic attacks, frustration, and hours of work on this blog, I finally got to my destination. I gained new best friends with the engineers on chat, and it only took me 7 months!! Ha. 7 months, such a joke right? Managing a coffee shop full time, and trying to do photos a few times a week was enough to beat me down. I did what I could every single day and was able to get to where I wanted to be. I’ve never felt so excited about something as I do about my page. I still have a VERY long way to go and may not have the fanciest site there is, but this giant stepping stone is finally out of the way. If you are working on a goal or trying to finish a project, keep working on it! Don’t give up or stress about the length of time it takes you. Sometimes good things take a long to refine. 


Every story really does have a Silver Lining. It took a long time for me to figure that out and realize that all things do work together for the good. Even if that seems impossible. I wake up every day with a cloud of negativity over me, and a lot of looming thoughts of self doubt. If I don’t remember that phrase through this tough season in my life and know that I WILL have a Silver Lining, how would I ever make it through? If you are sitting there thinking that you want to pursue that certain passion, but don’t have the time, you do have the time! If you are sitting there feeling beat down and stressed about everything, grey hairs are a fashion statement now so it’s okay, (shrugging emoji). If there is a time in your life to finish that thing you want to finish, it’s right now. Right this second. Stop putting it off, and follow your dreams. In the least cliche way possible.


As always

Never Forget, Every Story has a Silver Lining.

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One thought on “My Silver Lining

  1. Hello!

    The phrase “silver linings” really means a lot to me (I even have it tattooed) so when I found your blog I just knew I had to connect with you! I love the fact that you didn’t dye your grey hairs! They are a part of what makes you you and you should be so proud of that! I enjoyed reading your “fake it until you make it” post as well because that’s kind of what I feel like I’ve been doing! I just started blogging and I’ve been doing exactly what you said – wishing I had that row of Chanel bags – but I am determined to keep doing what I love, and I KNOW I will find my silver lining! Thank you so much for sharing. I hope we can be in touch! I know I will definitely be back weekly AT LEAST!



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