You have now entered the world of Arturo and Olivia. We make up You & Me podcasting, and would love to talk to you. Go ahead and click below for our most recent musings, and if you have any questions, comment below! You can also message me via email and Instagram. We can’t wait to meet you. We are basically experts in the love, happiness, and all things cats. At least I think we are. So stop reading, and start listening.

P.s. if you have stuff to do, cleaning, online shopping, eating spaghetti and need to have your hands free. Head on over to SoundCloud and go to Me & You media to subscribe to our channel there! 

Podcast #7 – 6/13/17

On the road again, we open up about things we have learned, and an amazing experience that happened to me this week! We also talk about Gary Vaynerchuk as an inspiration, and what he has done for our lives. Dive in, and let me know what you think! 

Podcast #6 – 5/24/17

This Podcast takes a turn for the funny, and compares to comedy the best way it can. Arturo and I rant about all our pet peeves, and the annoying experiences we go through every day. So take a listen, and put down the water or you will probably spit it out from laughing….. Well, maybe.

Podcast #5 – 5/11/17

All things SHADOW BAN on Instagram. What is it exactly? How to counteract it, and helpful tips on moving from it. We also dive into why I ACTUALLY blog and what drives me to keep going. Arturo talks about where he gets his motivation from. Take a listen and comment below for questions.

Podcast #4 – 4/25/17

**All things millennial** Because if you are reading this you are most likely one… Stay tuned for talks of the Unicorn Frap. (I know, I know), A few tips and tricks from yours truly and the man behind the lens. We also celebrate the launch of this page (welcome) and all things Olivia and Arturo. 

Podcast #3 – 4/15/17

Today we are going over some of our favorite people that have inspired us these past couple of weeks, and also some tips and tricks on photography and ways to make iPhone photos look better! I also talk about my struggles with balancing time with a full time job and blogging full time. 

Podcast #2 – 4/1/17

Here we are touching base on my interest in blogging, why I became interested in it, and some advice when it comes to shopping with deals. We also are answering a question on relationships, and solving some puzzles when it comes to dating and proper protocol.

Podcast #1 – 3/23/17

This the first installment of You and Me Media. Listen for a lot of giggles, goings on about cats, talks about Emma Stone.

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11 replies on “Me & You podcast

  1. Its very interesting to listen to ur podcast and I think u like movies so I wanna know ur most fvrt movies that everyone should see and some inspired ones and also I wanna know that what kind of relationship u and Arturo have cuz u guys sound so gud in ur podcast. 😊

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  2. Hey! A question I have for your podcast is, what drew you to first try and make a living from the fashion industry? It is such a competitive field, especially on social media. How do you not get discouraged by the daunting task of trying to pursue your dreams in a modern age?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. LOVE your blogs and podcast!! Question for you, sharing your life on camera most of the time, do you have an insecurity about a particular body part (hair, specific side, feet) you’re reluctant to show? How do you deal and what tips you have for people that are camera shy for those reasons?

    Looking forward to hearing your answer!

    Liked by 1 person

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