Hello Kestan, It’s me, Olivia.

IMG_6620IMG_7349IMG_7063IMG_6703Feeling A-Okay. Why? Probably because all of these outfits were courtesy of Hello Kestan. The Chic, feminine, creative factors in all of their styles won me over the minute I saw them. If you are all sitting their with your Kombucha, hemp milk, and free range chicken, (who am I kidding, I am too), you will be happy to know that a lot of these pieces were made with organic cotton. Not only are these fabrics the perfect amount of softness, but they are good for the earth too. How amazing is it to know that you don’t have to search high and low for earth friendly pieces that look good on you and the planet too… I’m sure if the earth went shopping, it would definitely hold those pieces up in the mirror and smile. Too far? Nah.IMG_8108IMG_6629IMG_7366It took way too many tries to get this shot. It doesn’t just happen ladies, I promise you that.IMG_6959As I find new brands and new family members to add to my closet, it is so comforting to know how much the creators love people, treat others well, and respect their employees in a working environment. Hello Kestan practices safe labor laws, provides a clean environment for their workers, and provides fair wages for them to live off of. Though the things I’m saying make it sound like I HAVE to state them, or check them off on my list of “nice things to say about the company”. That’s not true at all. These reasons right here are the backbone of why I love to work with not just them, but any company that offers such a difference in our community. Not only are their clothes affordable and essential, they are connecting people, and forming bonds in the fashion industry that need to be practiced everywhere. Imagine if every single brand treated their workers fairly, used less chemicals, and treated their employees the way they would want to be treated? I think this industry would be a lot LESS corrupt, and a lot MORE wholesome. Though this isn’t the time to go into details and specifics when it comes to these heavy handed topics, they are so present and need to change. Hello Kestan is making that change, one perfect bow dress at a time.

IMG_6891IMG_8041IMG_6638IMG_8071One of the many reasons I’m best friends with these new beauties, is the simplicity behind it. I could accessorize literally anything with them. A scarf tied around my neck, a flowy trench coat, or the perfect stacking rings accentuated the the minimalist details in these items.IMG_7097IMG_6575IMG_8153IMG_6669IMG_6299

All in all, I would say that this was a pretty successful dress up party.

I know many of you want to be assured that the money you are spending is not only going toward something beautiful but also worthwhile. You can now rest assured in the knowledge that what you are spending is going toward the perfect amount of softness, clothing that helps in the environment, and endless compliments. who doesn’t want that? As I sit here surprised that you have stuck around this long instead of going to do some shopping, and surprisingly still have your attention. I will go ahead and direct you to some links below that will whisk you away to the wonderful world of Hello Kestan. Be careful, if you click on one, you will for sure have less money within a few minutes. It must be some sort of spell. So say hello to Kestan.co, and goodbye to me.

Never forget, every story has a Silver Lining.

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