I’ve been surrounded by trees my entire life. I grew up in Southern Oregon where hiking, biking, and running are the main activities of most, and there are mountains in every direction. Oregon is beautiful. I never truly realized how beautiful until I was fortunate enough to travel abroad. I began to realize that though other parts of the world are stunning, the place I grew up would definitely rank near the top.




Even though I clearly love Oregon, my heart has always been in a different place. The big city **she said with twinkles in her eyes**.
  I have always been so fascinated with culture, city life, and all things fashion. My love for fashion was sparked only a few years ago, but the longing desire to go out and see the twinkling lights of a skyscraper, has always been there. Because I grew up where I did, buying clothes and the latest trends was always quite the task. I slowly grew an annoyance for my small hometown, as if it had something to do with me not being able to shop where I wanted. I blamed the trees, mountains, rivers, fresh open air. That clearly wasn’t the problem in my whole fashion dilemma. Once I came across Jord watches, something changed. Something inside of me began to realize that it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Woods or city. It can be both. 








Once I opened my package for this babe, I knew there was going to be some amazing new pieces I didn’t wear often that would accompany it perfectly. Once I picked my outfits out, I knew there was no option but to go with both. Two outfits and two locations. I packed up my stuff and drove deep into the forest. Okay, 10 minutes down the road, and landed in Narnia.



This watch is stunning. It  basically fell from the tops of trees right onto my wrist. Easy to use, easy to put on, and sparkly enough for any woman.





It was such an experience leaving the city “ish” feel of my town, and abandoning the need for buildings surrounding me. Just for a moment I remembered what it was like to be home, to be encompassed by something organic and authentic. We all get caught up in the bright lights, and ever changing feel of big cities. The next “best” thing, the newest invention, or the item that will just change our lives forever, When really what we need to find is serenity, peace, and a breath of fresh air. Which is right in our backyards. Or at least mine.




I was able to add subtle wooden details to each outfit to accentuate my newfound accessory. My wooden heals from Ann Taylor were begging to be taken from their cardboard home, together with my straw hat from Nordstrom and I was set. I was able to take the classy touches, and pool them together with a little outdoor flare, to create a look I normally don’t gravitate towards. I topped everything off with the Chambray top from Fashion Bunker, and honestly couldn’t get enough of it. It was the precise example of casual chic, and had me swooning the whole time. I couldn’t think of a two better outfits to bring with me on my journey with this watch. 




  This watch was very thought provoking. My mind was flowing with new ways to shoot my art, and opened my mind to new possibilities when it comes to where I live. It is completely accurate to say that a certain accessory or piece of clothing inspires you. The further I get on my journey into fashion, I see why dreams and ideas are created from the simplest of things. Yards of fabrics are turned into empires, and pieces of wood are created into masterpieces.
  I am lucky to find inspiration all around me, because of all the open space I have. Instead of feeling disappointed or sad because of the place I live, I need to find joy and contentment in something so rich in beauty. I can now be fueled by something not common in the fashion industry, and know that nature, and fields of trees can turn a collaboration with a watch, the perfect backdrop for my story. So, what is in your backyard that you don’t fully like or understand? Instead of pretending it isn’t there, go be inspired by that very thing.
  Now if you will excuse me, I cannot find my way out of this forest, I have been here for more than 48 hours. Don’t worry, this has happened before.
  P.s. below are all of favorite wood beauties, so start shopping. Also, head on over to Instagram to see more of their amazing adventures and all of the other people out there inspired by the perfect accessory!

This post was sponsored by Jord Wood Watches 

Never forget. Every story has a Silver Lining.



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2 replies on “Out of the Woods

  1. Love the watch! Gorgeous outfits! Cute story! I totally identify. I grew up in Seaside, Oregon. 🙂 It’s so beautiful, I’m thankful that’s where I’m from. I’m also thankful to now live in Honolulu. 😉 ♡♡♡ thanks for your post!

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