So what are you? A saint or sinner? You better decide, because this post is nothing to joke around about, Gear up for all things beautiful, affordable, and comfortable. Also, grab a snack, it’s a bit of a long post today.



I love finding stores that need way more recognition than they already have. St. Frock was a hidden little beauty, among a bunch of a big beauties. This blog post is my story book on my adventures with all things St Frock. These key pieces topped off my last few summer outfits before fall.



I often online shop, and by often I mean my entire wardrobe. Don’t judge me, we all know that is what you are doing right now. When I am sitting there gazing at everything lovely, I have two little friends pop up on either shoulder. One convinces me to buy an item, one tells me to reason with my bank account. That is when I have to choose which side. Good or evil… Okay, let’s be honest here, there is no “evil” side to buying shoes. So basically what I’m saying is, this whole mantra doesn’t really apply here.


My off the shoulder top doesn’t really need an introduction. This trend is here to stay, and goes with everything in my wardrobe. I paired it with my new suede skirt (suede 2.0 after my previous disaster with suede, the first) topped with this perfect straw hat. I really wanted to try something different for this look and mix some styles/trends. A little bit of boho, mixed with classic, and a street style edge. It was definitely different for me, but fun to pull off. This felt like summer in an outfit, and (surprisingly) made me sad to say goodbye to summer so soon. One of the things I love about the off-shoulder blouse, is the comfort and casual nature behind it. Paired with Jeans, shorts, or a skirt, it is flirty, and full of femininity. 


We all love suede. Okay, maybe not, but I love suede. I guess that is all that matters in this moment. Something about suede screams “I’m soft, sophisticated, and full of classiness and potential” I believe if someone would walk into an interview, wearing a suede skirt they would get the job, merely out of suede principal. I only think of of getting suede jackets, or boots, but when I saw this skirt, it was love at first sight.


Yes… I am human too. Band aids are must when it comes to trekking around in heels.




 In addition to the snugly, cuddly, and any other “ly” adjectives that I can put, this skirt fit like a glove, was comfortable, and really complimented my body type. I often find it difficult to make room for more business ready clothing in my wardrobe, especially being a full time barista, but skirts like this make it a lot easier. Dressed up, dressed down, this skirt can and will go many places.


Everyone has their favorite style of top. There are certain cuts, and angles that look the best on each body type. High neck sleeveless tops have always been my absolute favorite and have always suited my arms and upper body. It is always great to find a style that compliments and accentuates. A theme among St Frock items, is the quality of the fit. Along with my off shoulder top, suede skirt, and this high neck beauty they all fit like a charm, and guaranteed a well fitting trifecta.


If you haven’t already noticed, I don’t choose jeans often. I do love an occasional casual, chic outfit, but I don’t often gravitate towards them. I want to be more inclined to casual pieces, but it is difficult for me to style. I know it is usually the opposite for most people, but jeans must be my kryptonite. It was fun to do something different this time around, and accompany it with this top that perfectly complimented it. After I paired it with this babes of heals from Zara, it was the perfect outfit to end summer and look towards fall.


All in all, I had a pretty decent haul from St Frock, and loved every second of it. I got to branch out with some styles I don’t normally gravitate towards, and also be assured in pieces I know will always be timeless. When the price, quality, and style of a brand receives five stars across the board,  I don’t know if I will ever stop shopping from their site. Deadly? Absolutely! But, wonderful all the same. So,I believe it is safe to say I am officially a Saint of the Frocks, casually sinning against my bank account. So head on over to, only if you have massive amounts of restraint. If you don’t have any self control (like some people writing this post) I would have to warn you to not keep scrolling. I have attached some of my favorite pieces from their collection below, with an easy click to head straight to their site. Now if you will excuse me, I need to finish entering my payment at checkout.

PS. I’ve listed all of my favorite items from St. Frock below. Just click the photo, and tap the link!

Never forget. Every story has a Silver L

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