What does time mean to you? We are all running out of time, have no time, have no concept for time, and simply wonder where the time has gone. For me, time means another moment I can take a gander at my beautiful Le Coeur watch. 




I have never been drawn to accessories. I usually gravitate towards the pair of shoes I just HAVE to have, or the blouse I will wear with “everything”. I often forget that accessories and statement pieces are just as important as other items. That one necklace that you cannot get out of your head, or those earrings that top off any outfit. Most importantly, that watch that seems to say “look at me, you can tell time with me, and look completely fabulous”. Multi use is the best kind of use, in my opinion at least.




As of late I have stuck to the same brand of watch I always do. Daniel Wellington, which I’m sure you have noticed from my many previous posts about them. Though Daniel and I still dance together often, I found a new friendship when I discovered Le Coeur watches. I was aiming to find a watch that was light-hearted, feminine, and easily accompanied many of my outfits. I found just that in this Paris timepiece. Normally I wouldn’t choose a pink watch because it seems like it wouldn’t match many things, but this was just the opposite. She was perfect.







I also scored these shorts and blouse from Fashion Bunker, my number one go to. The way these clothes are tailored is honestly too much. It is amazing. One of the biggest problems I have with clothing, is the fit! How many times have you loved something on the hanger, and then in the dressing room the item has magically transformed onto your body? Most of the time the piece looks nothing like what was hanging there a moment ago. You will most likely choose the item you liked the least, merely because of the fit. With Fashion Bunker, I have never had to guess or be disappointed, I can  be confident in all of my online orders. (what a relief) Brands range from: C/meo Collective, Keepsake the Label, and The Fifth. The very best all grouped in one, it’s like Christmas all the time.




Quality over quantity, always. That has always been something I live by and know to be true. This is one of the main reasons I was so drawn to Le Coeur watches. They not only produced amazing, minimalistic and modern watches, but they executed it with the finest materials. Their heart and passion for their business encouraged me on my path to success. They never stopped pursuing their goal, they didn’t sacrifice design, and loved what they are doing. I could always tell how much their company meant to them, simply through the way they supported me through mine. There is no greater joy in this industry, than finding amazing people that support each other along the way and truly want to work as a team. So if you are in the market to learn how to tell time, I may have company that can help you! P.S. There is a link for all of my favorite (and future) watches below, just click on the photo and click the link!

      Never forget. Every story has a Silver Lining.

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