There are many stories that have been written in this world. Some happy, some sad, some mysterious and some full of suspense. The story I’m about to tell you today have all of these elements, but the main trait is tragedy… Utter and complete tragedy.





As I was driving on my way to this shoot, I rather gently tugged on my skirt to adjust it, and suddenly out of no where I heard a blood curdling scream! Okay, maybe not, but the sound of suede ripping could easily be compared to that in my mind. I slowly looked up at the road and kept driving without looking down. We only had a certain amount of time to get these shots, so I knew going to change wouldn’t be an option. So I did what any normal fashion blogger would do, I safety pinned it and rolled with the punches. This was all after a long painful day where everything had gone wrong, but I knew I had to bite the bullet and get through these pictures. Don’t get me wrong, I love shooting, and working on blog, but certain days I would much rather nap than do my hair (am I right ladies?). So I definitely wasn’t going to let a skirt ripping ruin the 45 minutes spent on hair and makeup, that was for sure.




Sometimes in life the things we are passionate about and career goals we are working towards, are draining. It’s not that these passions aren’t still loved and something to be worked for, but the struggle between creative pursuits and realistic ways of making money, can get very fuzzy. As a full time manager of a coffee shop, I often don’t see the big picture in this whole realm of blogging. I, more than anything, want to become successful in this field, but when things don’t go as planned, recognition isn’t given, and life seems so overwhelming, the last thing that you want to happen is a skirt to rip. Sounds like I’m making something out of nothing here, but in reality, how many of you have had the cherry on top of a horrible day and just want to give up? I know I have. When I made the decision to safety pin the rip, choose to not care, and to just keep going, I chose to continue when it seemed pointless. This was a turning point for me, because I usually shut down, but something in me said “you will be okay, just keep going”.




Side note: These shoes are unbelievably comfortable. Like walking on a cloud, supported by gummy worms, built on a trampoline of marshmallows. 



Once my attitude changed and I started looking at these events differently, I started to let loose and learn to have fun in times of real annoyance. I often let small things become big things just because of my attitude. and sometimes don’t even go through with shoots because something will not go as planned. This definitely is the attitude of a quitter and not something to be mimicked. I wouldn’t even want to be me, if I saw me acting like that… After I relaxed and opened my mind, stopped taking things so seriously, I started to have fun and relax.



In addition to my new found attitude and happiness (all because of a ripped skirt) I found new best friends in these items I styled my skirt with. These shoes are honestly something else, Zara has never really failed me and neither has their sale this year. Both my shoes and purse were purchased from this beaut of a sale, and unfortunately are not available anymore because apparently everyone loved them as much as I did! I did, however, link some of my favorite look-a-likes for these shoes from Nordstrom, a very similar bag from Zara, and all things suede for your choosing. I, of course, linked up multiple options for you, just in case any accidents that may occur when wearing them… Anyway we also need to have a chat about this blouse. This top is creatively designed, and can genuinely be worn in many different ways. Upon buying this top I intended it to be worn with a pair of flared pants I purchased from Fashion Bunker (both pieces bought from there), but when I was choosing out this specific outfit, I realized that this top could be styled in many different ways. I took the tassels hanging from the side and tied them into bows in the back. It took this blouse from being a high fashion piece, to a subtle, feminine style easily worn with so many things. 
All in all, this outfit was an adventure, this shoot was an adventure, and everything I learned was a lot more than expected. There truly was a Silver Lining in this whole tale, and has taught me to appreciate the good days, AND the bad days. Who knew a suede skirt could prompt all of these complex emotions? I knew suede was a gift form above, turns out it was so much more. So if you will give me a moment, I just adjusted my dress and heard a horrible noise. 

Never forget. Every story has a Silver Lining.

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