“How are  you doing?” “I’m beachy keen, how are you?”





Heading to the beach can be quite the daunting task, especially if it is the Oregon coast. It is always a guessing game as to what the weather will be: torrential downpours, sunny days, tsunami, no one knows. That’s why it is important to pack for any and every option.




I was relieved that I brought more than one outfit to this excursion. Not that I didn’t enjoy the my striped bardot top, or these basic shorts and sandals, but I wasn’t feeling as comfortable as I was expecting to. I hadn’t tossed on this romper from Mango since last summer, but knew it would be the perfect choice for the rest of the photos. Naturally, I brought one pair of shoes (I always forget to bring extra) but in this case, I was excited. Topped off with my hat and some nude lipstick, the second outfit was ready.





I often find it difficult to pack “adventury” clothes, or pieces that I could romp around in and be casual. Of course, the perfect solution for this was a romper, an off shoulder top, and some basic straw hats to get me through the day. I anticipated my hair going pretty rogue that day (in which I was correct), and knew I would be much happier with the outcome of the photos if I brought these beauts.






I decided to kick off the sandals for this portion of our shoot, and crawl around this beautiful scenery. I loved all of these photos because I wasn’t focused on the poses, how my hair looked, or nearby cars that are about to hit me… I did have to worry about slipping, falling, and potentially injuring myself, but that is another story for another time. My biggest worry in that moment was booking an appointment to get my toes done. I can’t remember the last time that was my biggest concern.




The boater hat is a statement piece that I became friends with last summer. I didn’t realize her true potential until this season came along, and our bond became known. This hat has gotten me through many bad hair days, good hair days, and sudden summer rain storms. I ordered this hat from Urban Outfitters and added a silk ribbon to the inside. I felt that it added a touch of femininity and class. The silk ribbon was purchased from ASOS and has been such a great accessory for any outfit, especially button ups in the fall.



Yes. It has pockets. Always invest in pockets.



Yes, this was quite the monster of a blog post, but it was pretty necessary. Go to the beach, pack a few outfits and have fun! The lighting at the Oregon coast was perfect, and put these beachy outfits to good use. I had never felt so free to jump and bound than in these moments with the heels packed away and my bare feet taking over. I often find it difficult to relax and throw on clothes with no worry, but when this happened during this shoot, all cares were thrown into the sea! We shot for hours and enjoyed fresh fish and chips by the wharf afterwards. Honestly, what’s better than that? I am eagerly planning more trips to get some pictures in, quality time spent, and those beachy vibes we all pay those big bucks for. If anything my feet will be naturally exfoliated and silky smooth. 

Below are my top picks for all of your ocean endeavors. Just click on the photo, tap on the link, and choose wisely. 

Never forget. Every story has a Silver Lining.


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