#Inspo, #inspiration, #fashion, #fashionspo, These are a few of the many hashtags that flood our news feed on Instagram. As we scroll through our discover page and follow a rabbit trail of certain tags, it brings us to users that are posting about the things we just can’t get enough of. There are thousands upon thousands of those hashtags that take us on a never ending search for the perfect amount of “inspiration”. We sit on Pinterest for hours on end creating new boards called “home inspiration”,”closet inspo”, or my favorite, “when I say I do”, all filled with hundreds (if not thousands) of ideas and thoughts that will one day create a “perfect” picture of your future. We hope that if we can pin down as many inspirational quotes in our “words” board as possible, one day those words will redefine our lives! Who am kidding though? I have an exact board called “words” and one day those words WILL change everything.
  With all of this social media influence, and ways to be inspired, do we even know what actually inspires us? Do you ever sit down and come up with creative and unique designs for your house, kitchen, closet, and outfits, or are we so glued to all of this inspo, that we aren’t realizing where all of these ideas actually come from… our minds. One day at any given moment a designer captured an idea from the many things they saw around them, such as: nature, architecture, food, and places.  After this piece of art was created one daring person decided to post about it, and flaunt it as something to be wanted. Over time, more and more people began to see inspiration in this new design and wear it themselves creating a whole new trend and outlook on fashion. Trust me, off shoulder ruffles have not always been in style, and would probably never been in style unless that specific designer found inspiration around them.
  Sometimes I find myself asking the question, “What am I inspired by?” or “what even is fashion?” I, just like you, scroll through my news feed day in and out and see all of the amazing blogger beauties sporting new and creative styles, which compel me to go wear those exact things. But what inspires me, as Olivia? I started to reevaluate my love for fashion, design, and all things classy, and wondered where I really found my inspiration. I started to realize that the amount of times I copy the person that inspires me, is one more instance that I am stifeling my own thoughts and abilities. We all have creative and artistic talents stuffed down inside of us somewhere, it is just our choice if we want to tap into it. We need to take time to step away from the computer, shut down our news feeds, and aspire to inspire! Okay, maybe I am taking this Pinterest quote board too far, but in reality, If I can be daring enough to venture out into the unknown, I may start my own trend, or be the person that revolutionizes fashion.     How do you think all of the timeless trendsetters out there became what they are? They didn’t copy the person they saw in pictures, they drew inspiration from the world around them, and from their experiences to create a one of kind. unique way of doing things. So just as I encourage myself to stop following trends for a little while, and simply piece things together according to what I think is beautiful, I encourage you to shut off your laptop, and begin to think about what truly brings you joy. Where do you draw creativity from, and what gives you joy when you see it. The minute a smile is formed, and you believe you can unashamedly sing “Man, I feel like a woman”, with no hesitation, is the second you know you are wholeheartedly inspired.

Comment below and tell me all of things that inspire you!

Never forget. Every story has a Silver Lining.

Posted by:Signed Silver Lining

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