A pineapple a day keeps the doctor away.

That’s how the old saying goes right? Well, before you go on judging this post for all of it’s “trending” attributes, you must stop and recognize that I have ALWAYS loved pineapples. NOT just because they are trending. Maybe my love for them wasn’t of the decor variety, but definitely the “I need a snack” variety. The whole premise behind this shoot all appeared when I ordered this dainty, silk scarf from Ann Taylor. I had noticed a few of my favorite blogger babes sporting this style of scarf within the past year, and thought I mighy give it a try. It was a bit out of my comfort zone, but once I had the outfit pieced together it seemed to simply fall into place. After sauntering to the mirror to check out the outfit as a whole, I was getting some major flight attendant vibes. I second guessed myself when I was walking out the door, but threw those feelings to the side and began my take off! I mean I took off… (no pun intended). 

  After stopping at a nearby store to grab some snack size travel peanuts (I randomly was craving them) we began to shoot and everything seemed to click for me. I have come to notice more and more that the photo shoots I like the best, are the ones in which I’m wearing items that are a bit different. The more I discover different trends and try them out for myself, the more I am finding my true style and what defines me, as Olivia. That is why I find it so vital to find those special bloggers, celebrities, or close friends that inspire my/your style. Yes, everyone should be unique and individual with what they wear, but being inspired by specific people will truly shape your closet and outfits.
  Along with style influences, I have found inspiration in random objects and decor. Such as, you guessed it… Pineapples. I don’t know what it is about this fruit, but it definitely creates these amazing, chic lines that are literally begging to become an article of clothing. Of course, items of clothing with fruit on them can only be taken SO far before the word “tacky” comes into the picture. Subtle hints of delicious items add a certain flare to any outfit. In an exotic, classy, take me on an adventure sort of way.
  I believe anything that adds individuality and recognition to your brand should be worn proud. What’s better than people recognizing you by your style, and saying “Hey, you are the girl that did a photo shoot of pineapples”. In which I can proudly say, “Yes, yes I did”. Fall into who you are and what you love, and do not be afraid of saying yes to things that may be different or unknown in the community around you. If you are walking in the grocery aisle and random people stop to comment on your look, good! Own it, and be proud to say yes to pineapples; yes to flight attendant inspiration; and yes to what makes you, you.
Find that special person or object that gets your excited, grab your camera and show the world what you love.

  Now I must go, the pilot said we are beginning our descent and I must put my tray table in its locked and upright position, and make sure all pineapples are stored in their proper bins.  

Never forget. Every story has a Silver Lining.


Posted by:Signed Silver Lining

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