What is better than super tan shoulders, and shirts that create very interesting tan lines in the summer? Most things I suppose; including this off the shoulder trend that has been so present these past couple of a summers. It’s always intriguing to see a trend that sticks around for quite a long time, and seem to advance in the way it is styled and worn. I have always been drawn to off shoulder blouses, but have come to the realization that only very specific styles work on my body type. Although, I do have a feeling that it may be the same for most women. Last week I tried on close to five different styles, lengths, and sizes, and none of them fit. They were either too tight in the arms and fell very wide at the base, or vise versa. I basically gave up on having one of these beauts for summer, but gave it one final try. I headed on over to, which is a site I know most of you have heard of, and been skeptical of as well. I KNOW I am not the only girl that has ordered “too good to be true” priced items on certain overseas sites, and been very disappointed. After reading many reviews, I did decide to order from them.
I only ordered a few pieces ensuring I didn’t fork over TOO much money, if the shipment didn’t go as planned. I, of course, found a promo code (which all of you should be doing whenever you shop online, by the way) and placed this order. My new children came within two weeks, and the items were in great condition! This off the shoulder top fit better than anything I had tried on in stores, and made me feel oh so trendy in the Instagram world. What a great feeling it was to have something so wonderfully current fall into my lap, or on my shoulders…If you will. I think I may be one of very few people that is more successful at online shopping, rather than shopping in stores. What a relief to gain an item for my wardrobe that I had been searching for, for far too long. So,
what I think it really comes down to is facing the reality that it is time for YOU to jump on this band wagon. The wagon where everyone has bare shoulders. You can find many off the shoulder options in nearly any style from most stores. It’s like winning the lottery while holding a kitten while getting a pedicure.

 So for those of who read this post. IS a reliable site, affordable, and arrives in a decent time. Off the shoulder tops/dresses ARE a way of life, and you may as well hop on that trend. Lastly, but not leastly (??) shopping online can totally be the way to go, and even turn out better. Don’t be scared to change things up and even order from sites you don’t normally shop at. It is good to step out of the ordinary and try new things you may not normally try. Especially when a super driven, intelligent, capable blogger like myself tells you too… Right?

Never forget. Every story has a Silver Lining.


Posted by:Signed Silver Lining

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