Tall and tan, young and lovely, the girl from.. Okay I’m not from Ipanema, but Frank Sinatra was right about one thing.  And that was the statement about tall and tan. Don’t worry everyone, I do not ACTUALLY think I am tan, when I am about to blend in with that white shirt I’m wearing. Most of you just realized that I indeed was wearing white, and did remember to put a shirt on… The object I am clearly referring to, is that babe of a coat I’m wearing. I had been eyeing a long, tan, coat for quite some time, but didn’t want to take the plunge. I finally threw on a life jacket and dove in, and was so happy I did. I over-wore this thing this winter, if that is even possible. I got so many compliments on this coat from Zara, it kept my warm, and literally matched everything. It was a definite score. Many people were taken aback at how much I spent on this coat (179$), when I knew it was worth every penny.  In my mind, it is always so worth it to pay a little more, but have the quality surpass the price sticker. I know that in my opinion it makes a lot more sense to pay a little bit more for a quality item, rather than a still decent amount for something that will only last a fraction of the time.
I am not sitting here telling you to fork over thousands of dollars for a designer coat, but if you have the funds to purchase a new coat, save a little bit more for something that will last, and that you truly will love. I more than anyone know what it is like to want something super over the top and unrealistic, or something underrated but a little less expensive. It has always proven to be more successful for my closet, to buy the item I know I will wear all the time, and won’t break the bank. Especially something like a winter coat, which is a key item in a persons wardrobe, and will be worn all the time. Make sure you love it, have to have it, can never live without it, and subconsciously name it, before hanging it next to your other beloved items. Bottom line, it is not wrong to spend a little more money on an item you will get more out of, What is wrong is eventually paying double the amount over time, because the quality was lacking. So like my pal Frank said “be young and lovely” and find your self a quality item. 

Never forget. Every story has a Silver Lining.

Posted by:Signed Silver Lining

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