The other day I walked into my house wearing my flared pants, and my father was sitting in the kitchen. Not thinking anything about it, I sat down, and began to notice his wandering eyes at the bottom of my pants. I then knew exactly what he was going to say, and casually said “yes father”, he of course did the typical dad grin with the comment, “so flared jeans are coming back huh?”. I of course began to tell him that he didn’t understand, and that the 70’s was just interpreted wrong! Of course in this day and age, the older people in our life must often see many of the things that they wore in their time, it must be quite comical. I suppose that would be like our grand children convincing us that crop tops, and leggings are just “back in style now”. Needless to say, I think flared jeans are quite the fashionable accomplishment, and something to cherish right now.
They really do have to be styled right though, and I think there in lies in the problem with many peoples judgement on them. Because of the way the bottom tapers out, there are only a few tops that can be worn with them. As you can see in this post, I stuck with a jacket that complimented the width of the pants, and made the opening hit at my waist. A lot of times flared pants can make a person look shorter, if not accompanied by the right things. Heels are a must for me and my flared friends, and depending on the season, a top that hits at my waist is the way to go.

The beauty in many flared bottoms, is the fact that they can be many different materials and still look just as chic.  I have seen the most beautiful flared trousers that could literally be worn to the Grammys, or flared jeans that can be worn out casually. On the days when I want to be more comfy, and casual, I still feel chic and in style when I am wearing my flared jeans.
These specific black flared pants are from Banana Republic and are a literal dream. The minute I put them on I felt like I was being hugged. They were so comfortable I didn’t even want to take them off, and that never happens with jeans. They are usually so uncomfortable, I can’t wait to take them off! All
I can say is, do not be afraid to flare, do not being afraid to be comfortable, and whatever you do, if your dad is in the room. Prepare for comments from movies you have probably have never heard of, in a decade you did not grow up in.

Never forget. Every story has a Silver Lining.

Posted by:Signed Silver Lining

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