I’ve always been accustomed to just wearing monochrome and neutral colors. But in all honesty, it’s 2016 who isn’t? It’s almost as if we, as bloggers, have to wear black, have a marble computer cover, and take pictures of macaroons. I literally just checked off all of those aforementioned things. As I have learned more about blogging and really submerged myself into that culture, I have seen so many different, and exciting things that designers, and amazing creative minds have to offer. Who doesn’t love looking at a blog, or an Instagram, filled with florals, color, and a very different approach to fashion, I know that it inspires me.

Since seeing so many different blogs, and fashion entrepreneurs, I have learned that black is not the only way to go! Shocker right? Though the anticlimactic, monochrome color wheel do wonders for anyone’s closet, what is more unexpected than a colorful outfit. You need to keep people on your toes, be mysterious, and unpredictable.

Though this is outfit may not scream “I am different!” blush colors, and neutrals from H to T (head to toe) was the exact thing I needed to rearrange the look of my posts. I admit, it is almost ALWAYS easier to throw on a black top, or black pants, (I just looked down and saw my black pants), and call it good. A lot of times darker colors are very flattering, and add a level of chic-ness to every outfit. But lighter colors, and tones that work best with your color palette can be just as flattering. All that has to be done, is finding the right type of colors, the right shades, and mixing them in a way that are complimentary to each other.

So for this outfit, I made my jacket (Waverly Grey) the centerpiece, and formed the other pieces around it, I nearly threw on a pair of black heels, but then realized I had these beauts lying around and could not resist, The femininity of this look, made me feel like floating around, and picking flowers, or whatever super feminine women do. Take a step out of your comfort zone, but don’t go too far to where you cannot see yourself anymore. I think it’s so important to push your boundaries, but not because you want to be like someone else, or have that look your favorite blogger has. Simply to grow, discover new fashion trends you may like, and feel unique from every other day of the week. It may be in a different color shoe, or maybe brighter lips, but turn a corner a grab a hold of some color. So at the risk of contradicting everything I just said, if you do not want to wear color, don’t. I won’t judge you, I just may blush a little. 

Never forget. Every story has a Silver Lining.

Posted by:Signed Silver Lining

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