For about 2 months I went to Macy’s and hung out with my friend Ralph, he was always so kind to me, and matched everything I wore, so I knew I had to take him home with me. Realistically, I couldn’t hang out in Macys every day, so whats’s a girl to do? Seriously. So I finally made the purchase. This was my first designer purchase I had made, and let me tell you. It is worth it. Do not let anyone tell you different! There will be a lot of negative people out there telling you absurd things like “designer items are not worth it” or, “I can just get one for half the price that looks just like it”. Stay away from those people, they are not your friends, and they do not support you and your happiness. There is nothing like the feel, the quality, the smell, and the overall look of a bag like this. It exceeded expectations for me, and yes, I am as passionate as I sound about this.
Ralph Lauren is such a beautiful designer, with so many gorgeous bags that are literal works of art. I of course scored this bag during one of Macy’s sales, they always have so many discounted items. I have found them to be a really great outlet for higher end purses, and sunglasses, especially on their website. Honestly, what is better than a bag like this? Especially for it to be on sale. Bolder colors on bags are always tricky, but for some reason, this bag matches almost everything I own, I think that means it is truly meant to be.
Another thing I’ve learned from shopping online so often, is that a lot of popular clothing websites have more to them than meets the eye.  I know all of you have heard of HM and many of you shop there frequently, but the difference between in store and online, is that online has a whole section of “premium quality items”. No, I’m not talking about items that are thousands of dollars, but items with a little higher quality materials. Suede, leather, silk, etc. This silk, paisley, dress is one of those items! I scored this beaut on sale for less than 60 dollars, and it was worth every penny, actually worth more pennies than that. The material was stunning, it fit like a charm, and was very unique for me and my closet. Shopping online can always be a difficult process for many people, because they don’t know the exact fit of the brand, or they may range in sizes from brand to brand. But something I have learned over the years, considering my closet is nearly all ordered online, is simply keeping a record of all the sizes you know works best for you. I can order form Zara, HM, Mango etc. and wear a different size in every brand. I rarely have to send back items though, because I keep a record of the appropriate sizes that work for me. Another helpful trick can be used when visiting the actual store, and being aware of sizes that work best for you, and even writing them down so you know for the future. In conclusion my two helpful hints for the day are: designer items are totally worth it, and online shopping can be done from in bed next to your cat. So clearly a definite must. Now if you will excuse me, Ralph and I have a lunch date.

Never forget. Every story has a Silver Lining.

Posted by:Signed Silver Lining

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