Everyone is their most comfortable in that one thing, winged eyeliner, watches, flared jeans. Okay maybe a few things, but we all have that list. How you will identify that specific list, is by the extreme yearning to put that on after a long day in a very uncomfortable outfit. My go to list has never been tennis shoes, or a long coat, but recently that has changed drastically. I somehow had this idea in my mind, that being comfortable wasn’t a think I was suppose to do. I never wear sweats, yoga pants, and (hardly ever) a messy bun. This could be  because I am just more comfortable all dolled up, or because I care way too much about what people think. To be honest, I think it is equally both of those things. After being more involved in the blogging scene, and the Instagram life, I started to notice a very forceful shift into the comfortable.

I saw so many amazing fashion icons dressed to the nines, and then so easily transformed into a chic, casual outfit. This was inspiring to me, as if I could not believe that my feet wouldn’t be bleeding by the end of the night, and heaven forbid actually be comfortable. The interesting part of this whole scenario is that I literally thought/think I am not allowed to be comfortable. I am so much more “Olivia” when I am in heels and an extreme amount of eyeliner. Let me tell you, it has been quite invigorating and liberating, putting the eyeliner down, backing away, and putting on my Nikes. I never thought I would just throw my hair up and go run errands, but the pressure I felt to have this ere of perfection was slowly disappearing. I know that most people don’t care, or even notice the change, but stepping out of my comfort zone, even a few inches, has taught me to just calm down a little. My feet are actually happy campers at the end of day, and my eyeliner has time to rest before another day of abuse. Sometimes simply being your natural, non-caring self, can really show people who you really.

It’s so important to mentally and physically take a break from the normal routine, and relish in letting everyone know, that being perfect all the time is overrated. So… Risk people thinking you look tired with no makeup on, tough it out when you meet a celebrity or someone important when wearing sweats (because no one ever sees people when they look nice), and chill out. These Nike Lifestyle shoes are definitely my favorite for running around and getting stuff done. Also this coat from Mango was a lifesaver for me this winter, I never felt cold wearing this beaut. All in all, this outfit made me want to snuggle up, be cozy, and not stress, So stop reading this post, go throw your hair up, go buy a pair of Nikes! Don’t forget to comment below with all of you personal tips on being cozy. 

Never forget. Every story has a Silver Lining.

Posted by:Signed Silver Lining

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