img_8284-2img_8266img_8228img_8233img_8240img_8272img_8243img_8259img_8220img_8230-2I love real fur, The Idea of wearing an animal’s skin makes me so happy. Honestly, I would pay big money for a real fur coat, especially if it was a fox or some other endangered species like that.

Okay. Who all cringed at that paragraph? Of course this enchanted coat is faux fur ,and also that statement above was faux as well. I have never really had a standpoint on the issue of faux fur versus real fur. Not because I do not love animals, am an advocate for animal cruelty, or the plethora of political thoughts someone may link to this. I merely have never thought about it. Mostly because I have never had a fur coat, and in my humble opinion, quality fur pieces have recently come back into style. This is a really tough issue, because while we all tromp around in real suede and real leather, we also stand up against animal cruelty. In a way, this seems counter productive to me. As I thought more about this issue, I realized there is a definite line between those two questions.
People that choose to take an animal and use it to the best of their ability for food, resources, clothing, etc, are utilizing everything that the animal has to offer. People that take endangered animals out of their natural habitats, and use them for simply cosmetic purposes, would definitely be considered cruelty in my book. This blog post is, of course, not written for those that choose to live a different lifestyle, but just words expressing my view on the matter. I respect others who dedicate their lives to help animals, or even help them by their choice in dinner, so this is clearly not meant to persuade anyone to take my opinion and run with it.
I do believe, though, that we all need to take a step back and really examine the issues that are so prevalent in our society, and also the ones that aren’t. It is important, as an human, to know what issues you stand for or against. That is what makes someone a unique and driven individual. If a person does not stand for anything, they will never know when the time is right to stand up for what they believe in.
Needless to say, I am against real fur products, but wear real leather and suede. Though this may be confusing, or hurtful to others, it isn’t meant to. I think it is wonderful to find companies like Zara, (where this coat came from), that will sell beautiful pieces like this, that ARE faux fur. It helps people in fashion to choose a good path, but feel just a chic. So even though this may be a semi political, serious, or deep issue for a blog post, take a moment and think about the things in your life that you need to stand for or against, Who knows, it could even save a fox.

Never forget. Every story has a Silver Lining.

Posted by:Signed Silver Lining

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