There are many rules I go by in life, some very big, some small, but I am definitely a girl that sticks to a very strict moral code. Within the last couple of years though, there has been a very definite issue that I have come across that I just cannot seem to get a handle on. This is a problem I’m sure many girls go through in their adult years and have to simply tough it out and figure out their issues. This lingering problem is so significant I know it will connect to you in so many ways Heel height, this is the true problem. I know I know, many of you just gasped and nodded your heads in agreement. For the longest time I didn’t wear heels, they were uncomfortable and made everything more difficult.

Then I stepped into this world called fashion and learned one very important lesson, “If you are in pain and uncomfortable, you KNOW you look fabulous”. This statement has made a home in my mind whenever I want to cry over my blisters. There is no point, those blisters have paved a way for me and all of my fabulous shoes. The problem with with these babes in my post, wasn’t the fact that they were uncomfortable, it was the fact that I couldn’t walk in them. I literally was tiptoeing around in these shoes, begging them every step of the way to shorten by just one inch. My wallet was even crying out seeming to say “do you know what I had to go through to get you here”. They wouldn’t listen, they carried on in their unattainable height. Once the shoot was over, I sauntered over to the box they arrived in, grabbed the dust bag, and set them in their final resting place. I knew that no matter how much I loved them,, if I couldn’t walk in them, there was simply no point. The sadness from that day still resonates deeply in my mind, and from then on out, I swore to a 4 inch maximum.
Though this transition has been difficult, as there are so many lovely heels that I desire, it definitely helps me narrow down my search. One day I aspire to six inch heights, but some things in life come with a price. Two ankles for example. Though this post may sound comical or made up, it surely isn’t! I encourage all of you out there who have sworn off heels, or simple do not like to wear them, to try again at all inch measurements. Another trick I like to use with heels is having some sort of strap, that keeps me tucked into my shoes. Sort of like a seat belt for your feet, if you will. It has significantly changed the length of time I can wear heels, and the amount of pain my feet are in by the end of the night.

Try and gauge the amount of time you are going to be on your feet, and the things you will be doing while in your shoes.

It definitely makes a difference, and helps decipher which heels (height/type) of heel you will need to choose. I find that for photo shoots, going out to dinner, and more activities like that don’t take a lot of time. For long nights, weddings, and lots of walking, definitely take these precautions into consideration, or you will never want to wear these beautiful things again. What is a life without heels? Grounded you may think (literally), no darling, without heels how can you be above everyone else?


Posted by:Signed Silver Lining

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