My beaux often reminds me that he doesn’t like stripes, no I’m not throwing him under the bus, he simply just doesn’t like them. The problem with this, is that I love them. I always have, and always will. I cannot escape the fact that this simple pattern has been a timeless icon for years and years! Maybe that is a bit of an extreme, but stripes make me feel like Audrey Hepburn, mixed with Elvis from jailhouse rock, and a little high school Olivia (hipster) in a pot. It’s the perfect mixture, and not only do I not want to escape, I mentally and emotionally can’t.

Patterns are so intriguing in design. I’m sure we have all been in that place where we see a piece of clothing we just love, but the only print that is available, is in a pattern that we just couldn’t see ourselves wearing. Prints speak volumes of a person, whether it be from florals, to polka dots, to pineapples. We all have that one look the we gravitate towards the minute we go shopping. Mine, of course, is stripes and recently floral patterns have taken control of my closet. Not the too dramatic, scream in your face florals, but the feminine understated patterns that add charioteer. I think it is so important to branch out in your wardrobe, with not just color, but with patterns. Adding key pieces with that perfect print, can add drama and sophistication to so many looks. 

Of course we all know that mixing too many patterns can be quite dangerous to the eyes for those watching. Though I believe some patterns look quite fabulous together, a lot of mixing and matching has to be done strategically. Trust me, you do not want to be known as the girl that seemed to be pattern blind. Unless you want that title, then I 100% support you in that.

Along with trending patterns, a trending cut has to accompany my stripe rant. Off-shoulder is life right now. If you have been anywhere on social media or in stores, you know that off shoulder tops are what is happening. I absolutely adore this trend. There can be a hint of skin, but still obtain classiness, what is better? I think it is so flattering to so many different body types, and is a definite must for all things summer. So, once we combine these two must haves, we have this beaut of a top from Chicwish. An awesome online store with amazing prices, and current trends, a definite must have to check out this season. My advice to you is simply to find that specific pattern that makes you feel great. Find that desired cut that makes you want to sing “man I feel like a woman” unashamedly. Most importantly, be yourself, and if you don’t like anything I just said, that’s okay. I can send you links for amazing polka dot turtle necks, that could easily be trending next year.

Never forget. Every story has a Silver Lining.

Posted by:Signed Silver Lining

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