This look is brought to you from Zara. From head to toe I was adorned in this perfect brand. As I am remembering the bond and love I grew for this amazing store within the past year. I cannot get over the amount of clothing I have accumulated from them, and the strong relationship we have formed together. The one thing (of many) that I love about this store, is that no matter what style a person may have, they WILL find something they like from their items. From the chic, to the boho, to the classy, to the feminine, there is everything from every type of person. I often gravitate toward the more dressy side of fashion, but try and buy items that can be worn in every day life. These specific items were just the ticket for me, when I knew I wanted to work with some feminine pastels, but still be able to wear them often.
The item I absolutely died for were these silver flats. Silver has never been a huge go to for me (I know its comical considering my name). I’ve always gravitated towards gold accessories, and gold accents throughout decorating, About two years ago, when I really started to discover my personal style, I highly looked up to Emma Stone, and her street style. She is by far my spirit animal, all things beautiful, and a serious icon in the world of celebrity fashion. Her chic and effortless style, inspired me to basically get rid of almost everything in my closet, no joke, and upgrade to a new me. In a certain photo of her, I noticed a pair of metallic oxfords she was wearing. It wasn’t too publicized, not over the top, and was worn with jeans and button up. This small hint of shine, seriously inspired me! 
I am not a glitter girl, have never liked bling, and really don’t gravitate towards all things shiny. But when Emma Stone does it, who can resist the urge to shine like the stars (a literal star). After this new found love of metallic, I started to fill my wardrobe with those statement shoes that topped off any outfit, from dressy to casual. These silver babes from Zara created a perfect balance for my outfits and let the world know that, yes, I am a shining star, look out!
It was quite the adventure changing my wardrobe, and wearing colors I wouldn’t normally, or buying items I never gravitated towards before. It was a new phase of life for me, and genuinely was the reason I wanted to start blogging about fashion. Amazing style inspirations from people in the public eye, led me down a path to learn my own personal style, and what made me excited, Find that person that inspires you, learn to branch out and get some shimmer, and never ever forget. ALWAYS buy shoes you can see your reflection in. 

Never forget. Every story has a Silver Lining.

Posted by:Signed Silver Lining

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