Oregon: Land of the Beaver/Ducks (or whatever sport mantra you want to go with), has more trees than all other states put together, the home of hiking, biking, and all things recyclable. Though this may sound like quite the attractive list to many of you, it can be quite the suppressing place for all things fashion. My common answer to the question “do you like hiking?” is almost always ” Yes! If by hiking you mean to the car, in heels, on my way to the mall”. Okay in reality, I am not THAT much of a girly girl, I definitely had my time in high school experiencing amazing things like, rafting, camping, cliff jumping etc. But, in this place that is so filled with nature, and the beauty that it entails, there is not much room left for fashion talk. That is why I have always known I was destined to live somewhere else.

I know that Oregon is the most beautiful place, probably in most of the world, but sometimes I feel left out of the things cities have to offer. I often struggle with every photo shoot I do, because I cannot seem to find that perfect concrete background, or those tall buildings that are in almost every blogger’s posts. I search high and low for that white wall, and maybe just maybe, a flower market with some macaroons on the side. Though these things are definitely not a thing where I live, it has taught me to work with what I have.

I slowly came to realize that not being in a city, could actually be used to my advantage because it is a different angle than what most bloggers do. I started to understand that our vision is skewed as far as what is “right” and “wrong”. There is no book out there that lays out the exact background a person needs for pictures, or the right hairstyle to have to be beautiful. The problem in the world today, is the fact that everyone truly believes they have to be exactly like the person/thing they admire the most. When in reality, that is the opposite of we should be doing. Even through a plethora of Pinterest quotes that scream “be YOUnique” it doesn’t always seem to do the trick. There is always that one photo on your news feed, that one billboard, or that one person that makes you rethink everything you like and aspire to be. Social media has completely altered the perception of our entire generation.

Don’t get me wrong, I think social media has created amazing outlets for some incredible, creative people, this is why I am pursuing what I am. But as a person in the social media scene, I constantly have to remind myself to stay grounded, and know that even though I am not like every blogger out there, it doesn’t mean my photos aren’t enough or shouldn’t be looked at. There is beauty in Oregon, and the place I live. I of course crave different surroundings all the time, but I also know that showing a different product, could possibly be the reason why I succeed. I feel as though this can be transferred to so many other areas of our lives. If you want naturally curly hair instead of the straight you have, if you just can’t get to that desired weight, or get those wings on your eyeliner just perfect, guess what? We are all different and are all unique, and that is what makes us human. So as I am sitting here, lecturing you about the thing I’m sure you have heard your whole life, listen. This is all coming from a dark haired, fair skinned, light eyed, freckle face girl, who lives in a land of trees. If I can find fashion through this place, you can most definitely find your dreams no matter where you are. If we were all the same, life would be boring, and nobody wants that. 

 Never forget. Every story has a Silver Lining.

Posted by:Signed Silver Lining

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