Ah, where to begin. I’m sitting here thinking of the perfect words to say for my very first blog post. Which is quite comical in reality, because it is the last post I needed to write before launching my blog. I started from the top and worked my way down, because I knew how vital some of my first posts were going to be. Even though some of you may never read this post because of its position in “older posts”, I know the words I say here are going to be some of the most important. 
As I stood on this bridge I fondly nicknamed the “spider bridge”, mostly because of the massive spiders all over this bridge in an extremely large quantity. I truly started to think about the words I so desired to say, and the things I wanted to tell so many women. The reason behind my love of clothes, shoes, and the like, wasn’t for just the normal surface level reason. I longed to show the world the beauty in a woman, and the power behind a dynamic outfit. Whether it be clothing myself in dignity, showing myself respect, or merely adorning myself in classiness and femininity. I desired to let women of every age know that they are beautiful they are loved, and they ARE most importantly made in the image of someone we cannot even comprehend. Fashion isn’t about the labels, the designers, the numbers on a price tag (though those are all appealing). Fashion is about how we, as human beings, are so precious and so unique within ourselves, that every day we wake up, we should be so excited to show the world who we are, and what we love. To me, fashion is an art, it can be interpreted and understood differently by every single person that walks by. Even though we may not understand everything people wear, or love what they put together, we can rest knowing that they are showing their art in a way they find beautiful.
As I stood there, I realized the passion I felt, and the beauty I saw, in all things design. I longed for women to be shown their worth, and to show respect to their own bodies. I wanted to own the fact that modesty IS a good thing, and nothing to be ashamed of. I wanted to seemingly yell at others walking by that I was a woman, and was created in HIS image, and nothing anyone said could change that. I understand clothing, I understand makeup and shoes, but most importantly I understand that I am not a carbon copy of anyone else, I am unique. Why should I want to dress like, act like, or be like, anyone else around me? There was only one way for me to express all of these things, and it was simply to sit here and express my thoughts through words on a keyboard. It may seem contrite, it may seem like everyone else’s Instagram pages, or blog posts, but if you get one thing from my words, hear me now.
You are so lovely, and are a work of art, adorn yourselves appropriately. Don’t be afraid to grow, like a piece of clothing one day, donate it the next, look at old pictures and laugh, do not be embarrassed. Fashion is ever changing, and so should we be. Don’t be stagnant, learn to grow and have a passion for anything that makes you want to keep typing. Discover your own art, and never be ashamed of what that might be. Femininity is beautiful, classiness is attainable, and respect is deserved. So go, be a woman, and paint the world with your beauty. 

Never forget. Every story has a Silver Lining.

Posted by:Signed Silver Lining

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